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Testing “Scratch” – the easy programming language

December 7th, 2008 by

Some german teacher point me to “Scratch” a few weeks ago. This week, I tried to create a package for openSUSE.

The good news: Ubuntu people already tried to package scratch for debian – but they use a perl script, which installs scratch for each user – again, and again, and again….

Well – as Scratch runs via “Squeak”, which is available for openSUSE since a long time now, it took me just a few minutes to create a simple wrapper script calling squeak and loading the scratch image. The only things left to do:

  • unpack the scratch image (I currently use the ubuntu file for this – otherwise I have to unzip the exe file, let’s look at this for the next version)
  • add a desktop icon
  • add a desktop entry
  • place everything in the filesystem


As result, every user on a system with the scratch RPM can now run scratch without any further actions. Sometimes packaging can be so easy 😉

But, yes: that’s only packaging a binary into a RPM – normally, we want to compile the source so we have full control over the binary. If someone has a problem with this package, I might not be able to help, because I haven’t seen the source and therefore have no chance to help. But perhaps, with requests from Ubuntu and openSUSE users, the developers of scratch open their sourcecode to the public.

So: have fun, playing around with Scratch