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openGarrobito 0.4.5

June 4th, 2010 by


This time I come to announce the departure of openGarrobito FULL 0.4.5 and openGarobito LITE edition 04.3

That brings improvements:

1. Support for Broadcom wireless card brand (now supports more wireless cards because of the new module broadcom-sta)
2. The LITE version is made from scratch to weigh less and reached a 4 GB USB)
3. Update to KDE 4.4.3
4. All software has been updated to May 11, 2010
5. With driver for ATI graphics cards, osea brings fglrx, nvidia cards are still in process, I hope soon;)

There are few things that were corrected, but making major changes jejeje


openSUSE Schools! in Nicaragua!

May 25th, 2010 by


A few years ago the LUG opensuse-nicaragua has the project named “Escuelita opeSUSE” this project was to provide basic courses for the people opensuse.

And the last week, we finally  made it!!!

The course was in UNICIT(Iberoamerican University of Technologies and Cience), were 2 intensive days of linux linux and linux jejeje, the pensum of course was:

1.      Installation of openSUSE

2.       Basic Configurations

3.       KDE

4.       YaST

5.       Shell

6.       Software and repositories

And Thanks to the marketing group for the materials!! Second fase of Escuelita openSUSE is comming soon!!!

FLISOL Nicaragua 2010

May 2nd, 2010 by


Well as it always has been, opensuse was present in the three branches of FLISOL.

Here is the report for each one.


For this seat, was attended for 150 (the number of that can be change)people all of there take a free promoDVD of opensuse 11.2 and 11.1, some people take the live CD of gnome

All stuffed animals were raffled among attendees, the raffled consist in win a little tournament of Frets On Fire with an special national proyect of Frets On Fire called FoF nica; this proyect is about a personalize fof with national rock musica, just as it was with T-shirts

The event was great, but we have a little problems with the AC jejeje, which greatly affects the presentation of frets on fire because the room was uninhabitable for more than a song of time and people just came to see but came out very quickly.

We decorate our stand with some t-shirts and geckos, and we has a HD TV for play FOF jejeje. The people ask a lot about the double slice dvd, we are very famous in nicaragua jejejeje


Well…  very very very early (6am), we made the trip to the north
city called Esteli here at Nicaragua.
Prepared with all the novell and opensuse stuff, ready with our
conferences, full power and energy !!!

At 8am we were looking for the university “UNI Norte” (National
University of Engineering of the North)
It was located, like 3 miles deeper in a trail to the mountains.

When we got there, there was some kind of a protest, I we realized
that the administrative personal and teachers had the university

Despite our attempts to convince them to allow us to make the event,
we were not allowed entry to the university.

We had to improvise and, outside the buildings had to put out the
banner of free software and start talking to
students, who were near, to show them the system and give away DVDs
and information to enter the linux community
We had to use my car as a table to put the info, T-shirts,
information, records and everything we could.

At noon we gave up because the teachers thought that we were mocking them.
We went to eat a snack at a restaurant called “La Casita” and we
talked about communities and linux

And so we returned to the capital Managua to help a little bit to the
installations of this site, and to talk a little more free software’s

We left with a lot of energy for the event almost failed in Esteli,
will be back, because some computer science teachers were impressed
with the features of this system.

We lost a battle but not war!

here some picture 😛

Now the best FLISOL in nicaragua!!


The event was stared at 9:30 AM, because some technical problems with our ISP, and that was necessary for the register system, and then we has to put a table in the middle of a principal door, because the WIFI was to low jejeje

At 9:30 AM we started the demostrations, and all the people take his promoDVD and liveCD of gnome, we has 10 installation, all installation was opensuse 11.2 =) Many people came and ask about opensuse 😛

The most important demostration was Multimedia Aplication bye Jose Angel Bonilla, because there was a person who asked about free alternative for adobe products, that’s was interesting because we have a little discussion about gimp, inkscape, blender, ardour, lmms, audacity. That’s was amazing!!!

We have a picasa album, for this event, because there was a lot of picture jejee


Conference in FLISOL Nicaragua 2010

April 13th, 2010 by

The folks of the openSUSE Community in Nicaragua, are preparing a great event in the city of Granada, Nicaragua, in Central America.

Now we have a schedule for that special day:

Sede Hora Tema Ponente
Granada 09:00 am – 09:40 am Introduction to the world of GNU / linux with gnome, basic Aplicacions Denis Torres
Granada 09:50 am – 10:30 am Introduction to the world of GNU / linux with KDE, basic Aplicacionss Adolfo Fitoria
Granada 10:40 am – 11:20 am Openoffice.org Carlos Leal
Granada 11:30 am – 12:10 pm Multimedia Aplication Jose Angel Bonilla
Granada 01:00 pm – 01:40 am Introduction to the world of GNU / linux with gnome, basic Aplicacions Denis Torres
Granada 01:50 am – 02:30 am Introduction to the world of GNU / linux with KDE, basic Aplicacions Adolfo Fitoria
Granada 02:40 pm – 03:20 pm
Carlos Leal
Granada 03:30 pm – 04:00 pm Multimedia Aplication Jose Angel Bonilla

And we just recieve the package from novell 😉

openGarrobito 0.1.9, openSUSE multimedia!

February 24th, 2010 by

OpenGarrobito, is the fruit of the philosophy of free software, because source code is shared, you can create fancy layouts at ease, and are applicable to our needs as I am passionate about the multimedia computer, and worked in a distribution based on my beloved openSUSE and resulted openGarrobito.

For the realization of this release, I am taking a very useful tool that works in the cloud, called susestudio, which compile multiple multimedia programs that are used in Linux, because in the ordinary distributions that are distributed on the Internet and groups that distribute Linux users, do not incorporate multimedia codecs and many multimedia programs, due to licensing issues, I gave myself the task of compiling them into a single distribution and make it public.

But that is exactly what we can do with openGarrobito:

1. Play our mp3 with amarok
2. See our movies with VLC
3. Shingles and DVDs with DeVeDe k9cpy
4. Convert Video devede
5. Edit images with gimp
6. Edit sound with audacity
7. Edit Video KDEN-live
8. Perform our jobs college or office with OpenOffice
9. Browse the Internet safely with Konqueror or Firefox and Google Chrome.
10. Organize our photos with Digikam or if you prefer using Picasa

And now, in this release you can play your favorite games like Nexuiz or openarena.

Countless numbers of applications we can give to this distribution, which is constantly evolving, is currently running under the latest version of openSUSE’s 11.2, and default desktop is KDE SC 4.4.

You openGarrobito has the latest security updates, and all the software on this date until 11 February. I hope you will enjoy it this distribution

Link for download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/opengarrobito/

Link of my blog: http://decks.260mb.com/

Opensuse-Nicaragua in Software Freedom Day

September 21st, 2008 by

in the community of opensuse-Nicaragua, we have organized together with NI-LUG (Linux user group for Nicaragua) theSoftware freedom day, an event in which we celebrate the freedoms of free software, and we know the alternative to free we have the unique program, in which case I am proud to say that in the area of facilities were installed 17 machines with 11.0 opensuse already acada a promoDVD them a gift, like all people asking q arrived on opensuse, they were promoDVD a gift.

There was an area of sales of T-shirts, where we make shirts for sale along with the shirts and gave a promoDVD.sfdsfd2sfd4sfd5sfd6

Software Freedom Day was a success!