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LXQT is ready for testing

May 15th, 2014 by

The stable branch of LXQT, the QT branch of LXDE is now available for openSUSE:13.1 and openSUSE:Factory.
Following are a few screenshots of lxqt, which will be quite familiar to any of you that dabbled with Razor-qt in the past.

Here is the Main Desktop (note, this is using the “flat” theme, and the default openbox windowmanager)

LXQT can offer a fully composited desktop, through the compton compositor, and includes a GUI tool for configuring.

Resulting in a highly configurable composited desktop:

LXQT also provides a powerful configuration tool, which allows you to tweak things the way you like…

So if you’re looking for something to try out, please, give it a shot.

Please keep in mind, we are considering this a “Beta” quality release, so there are still some rough edges.

Additionally, lxqt is currently un-branded for openSUSE, so I certainly wouldn’t turn down help from folks that are into helping out with that sort of thing.

Stable packages are available for openSUSE:13.1(i586, x86_64, armv6l and armv7l) and openSUSE:Factory (i586 and x86_64) at:

Unstable Packages (latest git pulls), are available for 13.1 and Factory, i586 at:

And if you happen to be running Fedora, i586 and x86_64 packages are available at:

openSUSE-LXDE logo contest starting now!

August 19th, 2011 by

As recently announced here, the LXDE team is looking for graphics contributors. Trying to involve as much people as possible i created a graphic contest! Is time for you, cool graphics, to create a logo for the openSUSE-LXDE team!

The contest will start tomorrow, everyone is welcome to join!

All the rules are in our wiki!

So? what are you waiting for???

Is just the right time to

Have a lot of fun…

looking for Artists, artworks and graphics for LXDE

August 12th, 2011 by

openSUSE 12.1 is on its way, and recently LXDE got some major updates.

I’m personally always been really satisfied of how LXDE works and is integrated into the openSUSE user experience, one defect though , that I’m really sorry about, is that i was never able to provide a very nice look&feel.

Since I’m not a graphic, and i realized I’m failing, i decide to ask your help now.

Here is what we need:

1) A gtk2 + openbox theme (including lxpanel background and icon theme)

2) A theme for lxdm (you can use /usr/share/lxdm/themes/Industrial as template), and eventually a background too

Also, i would like to open a contest. Your goal is create a logo for openSUSE-LXDE project.

You’ll have more information as soon as possible about this contest on the opensuse-lxde@o.o mailing list and here on lizards, please keep in mind that we want to print the winning logo on t-shirts too.

Up to date info about the contest will be available in the wiki here

I hope lot’s of you will help.


LXDE and gtk3

July 19th, 2011 by

GTK3 will slowly replace the “old” gtk2, and of course, if we don’t want to be left behind we have to move to gtk3 eventually.

Even if slowly (we need horse power! –> yes we need you too!!) LXDE is being ported too. Nothing has been released yet, but a good deal of work is actually into git repositories.

X11:lxde:gtk3 project

Thanks to openSUSE Build Service (public instance of the Open Build Service) we are currently able to get git code and build it auto-magically (thanks god you created obs _services 😀 )

Right now, only five packages don’t want to build with gtk3 and they are: gpicview, libfm, lxmusic, lxpanel, pcmanfm. Everything else builds fine. As a side note, lxdm gtk greeter build but seems to crasch.

Please test those packages and report in our mailing list or even better upstream your issues.

To conclude, right now i don’t feel comfortable to push into factory gtk3 packages, so 12.1 most probably will stuck with the well know stable gtk2 packages.

Also, i’m actually working to use obs, to provide gtk3 enabled git nightly build not only to openSUSE (actually only >= 11.4) but also to Fedora 15 (already building with many successful packages) and Ubuntu/Debian. So if you are .deb packagers, please let me know, i need your help. Contact me and the lxde team using our mailing list opensue-lxde@opensuse.org

Have a great day,


openSUSE-LXDE 11.3 RC1 live-cd available for download

July 25th, 2010 by

After announcing few days ago the first beta of the openSUSE-LXDE live CD based on openSUSE 11.3, the openSUSE-LXDE team is proud to announce the openSUSE-LXDE 11.3 RC1 Live-CD.

The isos finally fit into a CD, the sizes are 666MB for the 32bit version and 680MB for the 64bit version.

While the betas versions was into the 0.0.x series (0.0.1, 0.0.2, ecc), this RC and the next ones (if needed) will be into the 0.x.y series (0.1.0, 0.1.1, 0.2.0, ecc)

Our goal is to provide as soon as possible a stable release that will be 1.0.0.

Please help us, test this iso, report any missing/un-needed package you find, any bug or issue.

If none will be reported, most probably this configuration will be rebuilt as 1.0.0 and released to the public as STABLE.

Rember users root and linux has NO password.

The iso, as usal is hybrid and persistent, so if copied into a USB pendrive, at the first boot it will expand and create a read-write folder were you can save your datas.

Download as usual, is available under X11:lxde project here:



openSUSE-LXDE 11.3 live CD

July 23rd, 2010 by

Hi people,

I know lots of you was waiting for that, and i am really sorry if it took some time, but i can finally announce the first beta release for our 11.3 live cd.

It is still a beta and such as it have some flaws, like for example it doesn’t fit into a CD yet. The good news is that this is an hybrid and permanent iso, so you can use dd to copy the iso into your usb pendrive.

Please help us testing and reporting bugs and issues you find.

To download the isos, as usual browse here!


i believe i should be able to release new isos soon, i need to at least provide you isos able to fit into a cd!


AcetoneISO2 and LXDE

June 3rd, 2010 by

I am sure that most of you know and like acetoneiso2, a nice tool to menage isos and lots of other things. Latest release, 2.2.1 support only kde, gnome and xfce as DE and allow to open their file managers to browse files and mounted stuffs…

So, you know, FLOSS is our world.. i took the code, and improved it, just a trivial change, but really nice. I added LXDE/PcmanFM support, as you can see from the picture:

Now you can have acetoneiso2 run pcmanfm too.

The patched package is already into Packman repository and a submit-request (#41069) has been submitted to KDE:KDE4:Community repository, so hopefully, it would be available even there quite soon.

So people.. enjoy it 😀


openSUSE-LXDE : improvments to PCManFM

September 30th, 2009 by


That picture talks… your quest is to find the news!!!

BTW on the screen you can see the work in progress openSUSE-LXDE for openSUSE-Factory (the next 11.2).  Notice how LXDE use only 108MB RAM and 5% CPU with:

* Firefox 3.5.3

* OpenOffice.org (writer) 3.1.1

* Pidgin

* LXTask

that’s amazing isn’t it?  (Don’t focus on red  lines… The background is nice but THIS IS NOT the new, check the ICONS)

Thanks to Miguel Albalat Aquila for the patch

Thanks to me for changing on the patch to allow it to work with trash support patch

Andrea 😉

openSUSE-LXDE Live CD 1.0.0

September 13th, 2009 by

After lots of test i’m ready to release a new openSUSE-LXDE live CD

Here the change log:

Fix: Lxpanel will "flash" no more (workaround, removed battery applet from panel,
     this applet make lxpanel crash if no battery is found on laptop)
Fix: Added wireless-tools, usbtools, acpid
Fix: Added iwl*-ucode packages (intel wireless cards now working)
Fix: Ath_pci and ath5k conflicts no more (ath5k in blacklist)

Feature: Added Trash support
Feature: Added bluetooth support
Feature: Added "sudo"
Feature: Added "gdb" to help in debugging if crash occurs on LXDE applications
Feature: Added "fuse" and "ntfs-3g"
Feature: Added "rdesktop"

I hope you will enjoy that new release.

Before show you some shots, i would like to attract your attention on a feature i open on openFATE and that is also on the weekly news #88

That features asks to provide LXDE into OSS repo, and to made that installable from DVD media like XFCE.

Please add you vote: Feature Request: #307729: Officially Provide LXDE

Any way, going back to the live, you can download 1.0.0 and 0.9.4 releases from that URL:


MD5 and SHA1 sums are available on that page, a very very BIG thank to  Fisher Duan for hosting.

Again please report any issue on my email: andrea[at]opensuse[dot]org

Please notice how “free -m” on lxterminal show that the REAL used ram is just 67MB with the following running applications:

1) Firefox 3.5.2
2) PCManFM
3) Lxterminal
4) Lxtask

openSUSE-LXDE live CD now ready!

September 2nd, 2009 by

Yes, that’s true! After some develop and tests i finally completed the openSUSE-LXDE live installable iso based on openSUSE 11.1 made with SUSE-STUDIO.

I provide now, only 32bit (i686) image because that may still need some testing.

Some great news, bug #531667 has been accepted and fixed, that means that suse 11.2 will be able to run slim using /etc/init.d/xdm script as usual. The iso already includes that fixs.

here iso link: http://lxde.bsnet.se/openSUSELXDE_32bit.i686-0.9.4.iso

MD5: ffc163867d55f8e23718347a323d5c9a
SHA1: fd52440de253b9b801c4343c29de5472ffabe935

— post edit —

Thanks to Fisher Duan we have a new “mirror” here:


— post edit —

if somebody else wants to host it, feel free to do it, just email me : andrea@opensuse.org

Oh, i forgot, some release notes and links:


Login Manager : SLIM

Login manager used here is very lightweight, i’m talking about SLIM. it’s actually configured to autologin ROOT user on live CD; that setting is also saved on installed system (if you choose to install it), so to remove autologin (or just to autologin with you user) you MUST edit /etc/slim.conf, the file is well commented will not be difficult to find the lines.




Thanks to: Brother- for hosting