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openSUSE 11.0 Beta 3 Testing

May 19th, 2008 by

openSUSE 11.0 Beta 3 already available on factory repos since May 15 2008 (in Indonesia, GMT+7) and has announced on May 16, 2008, but I can’t directly tried it because one of my programmer staff has resigned last week, so, I must covering up his work for a while and I can’t go for an install fest 🙂 . I’ve finished downloading the iso-both kde live and the i386 dvd iso-on Friday, with standard downloading from mirror on ftp5.gwdg.de.

I tried beta 3 on Satuday, and having a problem while running KDE LiveCD. The LiveCD failed run with an error exception : “Failed mounting Read Only File System”. I think it was a problem with my testing computer, so I take another machine which ended with same result.

I think I would like to post the error on mailing list but I decided to wait an installation testing with DVD iso. on Beta 1 I’ve an issue with LiveCD installation but the DVD iso is worked without problem, so I think it would rather LiveCD problem than beta 3 problem in general.

In Satuday evening I tried KDE Live on VMWare environment before playing with the DVD iso. Surprised, it was worked flawlessly, running well without problem including Live installation. I don’t know why the LiveCD worked without problem on VMWare workstation but having problem on physical machine. I assumes that it would like the problem with the iso burned on CD, not with iso itself, so I take another blank disc and burned the kde live iso once again.

The second burned kde live iso worked without problem too, so the conclusion is the problem with the quality of the first burned CD 🙁


Today, I give the beta 3 testing on my testing PC at work. As noticed by Coolo in beta 3 announcement, the live installation running well without problem. I most likely using live installation than the DVD install because the live install is more faster and just need a few question (used default setting). The different approach between DVD install and live install is about the flexibility of installation setting. The live install produce more faster because it’s used the default setting, with standard option.

Beta 3 KDE 4 Desktop

Anyway, Here is a short of summary of beta 3 from my own perspective :

  1. LiveCD is much better than previous one and looks pretty stable for production used. As mentioned on the announcement, it’s not recommended for production use but if you like it, you can used with your own risk 😛 . I used beta 3 on my personal laptop and openSUSE 10.3 with KDE 4 on my work computer
  2. Beta 3 better polished than 10.3 but the polished not really complete. I like the login interface although in my personal mind, Mandriva 2008.1 login form is better polished 😉 . The polished interface not only in login form but also in installation setting and some application, ie : on OpenOffice. I think the polished Open Office splash screen need an update and some artwork. Black splash screen with a small bird is less nicer than Open Office splash screen on 10.2 😀
  3. Beta 3 come with KDE 4.0.4, Firefox 3 beta 5, Open Office and some of updated component. Everything seems to worked without problem. I’m experienced with KDE4 problem on shut down process (crash of plasma) but I think it’s the problem with KDE 4 because I got same error with KDE 4 on openSUSE 10.3
  4. Zypper package manager is much faster and has becoming my default package manager. With delta-rpm support and increasing speed capability, I’m quite satisfied with zypper and personally encourage for Indonesian openSUSE lover in next meeting.
  5. Beta 3 successfully detected my graphical driver although it come with 800X600 default setting, but hey, I could used KRandR to change the setting into 1024X768 without confused problem : “Your X server is using the RandR extension at version 1.2 or greater which doesn’t have any configuration yet” as shown in 10.3 😉
  6. The big problem with beta 3 is about ath5k wireless driver. It was successfully detected my Atheros AR5212 (D-Link Wireless Card) but I could not connect to my Access Point with KNetworkManager or standard ifup. I can bring it up after disabling ath5k driver and used standard madwifi driver (madwifi.tar.gz version 0.9.4, with make, make install and modprobe ath_pci. Installation how-to in Bahasa Indonesia, here and here). I have same problem with Beta 1 and Beta 2
  7. Wireless LAN Network Manager come with the auto detect hotspot without any “scan” button or something like that. I would personally encourage to add the button to make sure that we can refresh the hotspot list rather than waiting for nothing scanned 🙂

Beta 3 Open Office Splash

With all of nice feature on openSUSE 11.0 beta 3, we hope 11.0 will be released on June 19 2008 with bunch of nice features.

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7 Responses to “openSUSE 11.0 Beta 3 Testing”

  1. I just wonder why you wrote about two paragraphs a badly burned CD? Luckily the DVD has a ‘check media’ mechanism. Perhaps we should add this as boot option for the LiveCD, too 😉


  2. Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for stopping by…

    I write for about 2 paragraphs because my style in writing is describe all of the history 😉

    I know I can do the media check with k3b but I usually leaved this option unchecked for faster process in burn. off course it’s the problem in my personal side but I’m a luckily user before this one 😀

    Thanks for the suggestion. Please don’t add the media check button. The main reason why I choose the LiveCD is it’s simple step for installing the media onto harddisk. Somebody maybe complaining if the media check option added to the LiveCD installation process 😉

  3. H-MC


    Please Update Firefox 3 beta 5 to firefox 3 RC in next Release of openSUSE 11 !


    THANKS …

    • Wolfgang

      > Please Update Firefox 3 beta 5 to firefox 3 RC in next Release of openSUSE 11 !

      Unfortunately the roadmaps of Firefox and openSUSE didn’t align well and so Firefox 3.0 missed the
      last deadline of openSUSE 11.0 development for stuff containing crypto algorithms.
      So it’s not possible to update Firefox to another version before production of openSUSE 11.0 but as
      soon as openSUSE 11.0 will be released we will deliver an online update to the latest shiny Firefox.
      To always have the latest candidate of what will be released at that time you can subscribe to
      the mozilla:beta buildservice repository which already has 3.0rc1.

  4. pointone

    Vavai: “Please don’t add the media check button.”

    Why not? It’s very handy to have especially when trying to troubleshoot CD/drive incompatibilities. For example, I’ve had CDs that worked flawlessly on one system (the system I burned it from) and fail to load on another system. So, in this case, k3b and checksumming the image on the burn system would find no problems. Re-burning this CD at the slowest possible speed solved the problem.

    For something that probably only takes a few minutes to implement, but can save hours of hair-pulling frustration, it seems silly not to.

    Please add a check media option to ALL bootable CDs.

  5. Casual Programmer

    > 7. Wireless LAN Network Manager come with the auto detect hotspot without any “scan” button or something like that. I would personally encourage to add the
    > button to make sure that we can refresh the hotspot list rather than waiting for nothing scanned

    Good point ! Even Windows XP has it ( Show wireless networks / refresh )

    Have you actually filed an Enhancement Bug to that end at bugzilla.novell.com ? If not please do so soon. Won’t make it into 11.0 anyway but 11.1 is still possible.