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Preparation for openSUSE Booth on IGOS Summit 2

May 27th, 2008 by

Martin Lasarsch looks quite busy with his project, preparing openSUSE booth on Linux Tag at Berlin 😉 , and so do with us here in Indonesia, preparing openSUSE booth for IGOS Summit 2 event. IGOS stand for Indonesia goes Open Source and IGOS Summit 2 dedicated for open source promo and community building.

Preparation for IGOS summit 2
This is our first event for openSUSE promo on shopping mall 😀 . We invited by Ministry of Information & Technology of the Republic of Indonesia and we had a booth for free of charge 😉 .

I have a big problem for this event. It’s my personal problem, not with the community et all. The event hold on working day (Tuesday to Wednesday, May 27-28, 2008) and I cannot take any guarantee for attending the event due to my jobs and responsibility at work. I will take a moment for attending the event but it would be for a few hour only 🙁

Unfortunately, I got various support from community member. Some of them told me that they could help for booth set up and act as promotional guys. A friend of mine, Imron from Yayasan Air Putih lend us a set of PC server, Acces point and LCD monitor. Another member supported us by donating some cash for enclosed daily activity cost.

Thank you for helping us to make a successful booth on IGOS Summit 2. See you there…

IGOS Summit 2

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4 Responses to “Preparation for openSUSE Booth on IGOS Summit 2”

  1. Nice looking booth. I have to admit it’s weird to see those posters in life size 😉

  2. Masim Sugianto

    Hi Kevin.

    Thanks, but which one the posters that looks pretty weird on life size ? All of them or some of them ?

    The two geeko girl by Yuuichi or an open source poster ?

  3. iin

    oh there’s lizards everywhere…