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Boost signals as hooks to extend libzypp?

June 9th, 2008 by

It would be nice if libzypp had some framework that allowed to implement extensions like e.g. a history of installed and  removed packages easily.

I’m currently looking into the boost signals library to see if we could use it to provide hooks for such extensions.

A  future  ZYpp::commit would then emit signals e.g. before and after installation/deletion of packages. Some extension code could then connect to those signals to create e.g. such a history.

Another candidate would be the repository management emitting signals as repositories are added removed refreshed.

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3 Responses to “Boost signals as hooks to extend libzypp?”

  1. Evan

    Have you considered libsigc++? It might be a better match if applications with libzypp are likely to use gtk+ …

    (I’m not very familiar with either libsigc++ or boost signals)

    • Michael Andres

      Yes, I’m also looking looking at libsigc++. Both provide the functionality we’re looking for. My personal preference is currently for boost, because it fits nicely into libzyyp, which already uses the Boost.Bind, Boost.Function and Boost.Lambda library. But we will see..

  2. Hmm, then I could make slots to forward the signals over D-Bus