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Hermes grows up

June 20th, 2008 by

As promised in my other blog about Hermes it grew up a bit since then. I was able to install it finally on the Buildservice production machines. Darix and Adrian helped me to get things underway. As the first process of the backend, the srcserver is notifying Hermes about things that happen: Commits to packages, udpates of packages etc.

Since starship is not yet in the shape that we really want to use it, we’re only offering RSS feeds so far, not yet personalized. Under the URL http://build.opensuse.org/feeds/allevents.rdf you find a RSS feed with all notifications the srcserver comes up with so far.

We realise that this feature is especially interesting for collaboration in general and especially for the new request stuff coming with the upcoming release 1.0. As a consequence we have created a feed that only contains the notifications about requests: Creation, change and deletion are reported to http://build.opensuse.org/feeds/requests.rdf

This is the first step with Hermes in production. Note that it is still beta and nothing one could expect proper functioning from. I am leaving to a two week vacation today and this is what I could still come up with before. Hope you enjoy it a bit – please give feedback, especially which notifications you would like to see coming through.

These are the areas where I would continue to work on after vacation if you don’t come up with other prios:

  • Starship – Message displaying, configuration of notification subscriptions.
  • Personalization – only show me notifications about projects where I am involved.
  • More output agents – mail, jabber, personal RSS
  • More usefull notifications, with help from the backend people

If you want to know more about Hermes find it in the infrastructure svn module (don’t miss the docu in the doc directory)

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4 Responses to “Hermes grows up”

  1. Adrian

    Thanks a lot Klaas & happy vacation !

    I am looking forward to the personalized event handling after your vacation 🙂

  2. Benjamin Weber

    Is/Will it be possible to have [XML] notifications sent to an arbitrary URL? That would really help for integrations with the build service, so the build service could notify third party integrations of events. At the moment we have to poll repository metadata or rss feeds etc.

  3. Klaas

    Yes, something similar was already asked for and it is certainly possible and easily doable.

  4. Thank you very much Klaas, this is a really important feature yay ! 🙂