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Showing package dependencies

June 27th, 2008 by

In order to give an answer about “Why this package will be installed and who needs it?” I have added a new Dialog in the QT single package selector:

Select one item (pattern, package) in the single selection frame, use the right mouse button and select “Show solver information”. A solverrun will be made for this item and the result will be shown with this dialog.

  • Black arrow : This item will be required by….
  • Green arrow: This item will be recommended by…
  • Green boxes: This package is already installed
  • Grey boxes: This package will be installed
  • Blue boxes: Patterns

You can navigate through the tree via the overview frame:

After you have selected one item in the tree you can see more information about:

e.G. this item will install two further patterns due to the shown dependencies.

In order to decrease the complexity of the tree you can blind out:

  • already installed packages
  • recommended packages/patterns

So you will get a shrinked tree:

Technical Background:

This is a simple Qt Dialog widget which can be used in other programs too. ( Package libqdialogsolver1)

YaST uses this widget as a YaST plugin. So if this package is not available you will get a popup in single selection only.

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4 Responses to “Showing package dependencies”

  1. Jan-Simon Möller

    Great! Exactly what I was looking for 😉
    Can this also be done on the Konsole ? I found rpmgraph, but don’t know how to use it !

  2. Stefan Schubert

    An graphical interface done on a console. Hhhhhm I fear not 🙂
    rpmgraph is more static. The problem of such a graphical interface is not to
    flood the user with information.

  3. robermann79

    Very cool! Now is it still a development version? Can we get it from OBS?