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Extract and Compress Right Click Menu on KDE4

July 12th, 2008 by

One of the functional menu that make my life more easier with KDE 3 are the Compress and Extract Menu. With this function, I could make an archive or extract zip file with Konqueror without opening Ark for manually extract or compress the file. Now, I enjoy the KDE 4 on openSUSE 11.0, with Kwin desktop effect and a lot improvement in various area, but I still missing the above menu.

How to add the similar function to KDE 4 so we could compress some file or folder, or extract a zip file both in Dolphin and Konqueror ? Here is the tips :

  1. Download the plugin here :
  2. Open konsole / terminal
  3. Extract the plugin
  4. Go to the extract folder
  5. Copy all of .desktop file into /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus
  6. Copy the content of script folder into /usr/bin
  7. Test with dolphin or kde4

Compress and Extract

The above tips will make a system wide configuration. If you wish to make a local changes, just execute INSTALL_1.0.sh on the extract folder.

NOTE : The programs p7zip, bunzip2, bzip2, gzip, rar, unrar, tar, zip and unzip must be installed.

I don’t know if the function will be added into KDE 4.1 by default, but I hope so ­čśë

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8 Responses to “Extract and Compress Right Click Menu on KDE4”

  1. NJ Hewitt

    Is there any plan for a Get Hot New Stuff interface in Dolphin/Konq to add service menus?

  2. Hio

    Thank you for this, sometimes I see no point going to KDE4 as it as less features and configuration options than KDE3, for simplicity, there’s gnome.

  3. Thanks. It helped me.. but where are the compressed files going? I mean where will they store? When i tried to make an RAR, the busy icon came and it went away but i was not able to see the compressed file?

  4. Christopher Sawyer

    The download link doesn’t work anymore

  5. Matt


  6. Matt

    Sorry the previous link was wrong, I meant:

  7. manchette

    Too bad it’s not as default in opensuse 11.1, and not working for extracting .ace with mouse too :
    you’ll 1st of all need to add some packages to be able to extract :
    su + password
    # zypper ref && zypper in unzip unace unrar
    # exit

    then go to the folder where you put the file (for example) :
    $ cd /home/fabrice/Documents/plugins/
    extract the file :
    $ tar xvfz ExtractAndCompress.tar.gz
    go into the directory created :
    $ cd ExtractAndCompress
    install in root, su+ password :
    # ./install.sh