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LRLUK08 – Freeing The Lizard

July 14th, 2008 by

Yes peeps, this weekend is the penultimate LUG Radio show and event.

LRL Speaker

It is also an event where I will be speaking about the openSUSE project and its great community (yes there’ll be a bit about Novell and how good they are too 😉 ) You can see the full schedule if you want to know what’s going on or just turn up on Sunday at 1500 to hear and see yours beautifully 😀

I am planning on being helping Lord Whittaker who will be there with a Novell stand, so hopefully I can bring a dash of Green Geeko Goodness to the event. If you are planning on going, please say hello. It’d be good to meet other openSUSE users.

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One Response to “LRLUK08 – Freeing The Lizard”

  1. Roger Whittaker

    I’ve sent you a mail – looking forward to seeing you there.