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HackWeek III Day 1 – Diary Of An Outsider

August 26th, 2008 by

After my disasterous attempt to travel out to Nurenberg on Sunday – I managed to get my passport stolen at security of all places 🙁 (I thought I had lost it, but nothing found yet).  I managed to travel out first thing on Monday.

Geekos and Tux

The timing was perfect, I managed to get to the SUSE offices in NUE just in time to drop my bags and meet up with Andreas for a little tour/familiarisation of the site.  This was great because we (openSUSE invited about 10 community members to NUE) got to see a load of the great folks that work on the project and see how they do it (including the ever elusive Beineri:

Stephan Binner

We then had a pleasant brunch, and afterwards sat down to start hacking on our respective projects.

So what is one doing for HackWeek? Well it isnt exactly hacking (well not initially although I may have to so I can get the end product out); I’m hoping to do some videos of HackWeek, both documentary style(ish) and some interviews.  Why do I say “hoping”? Well I’ve hardly filmed anything 🙁 I have been way too busy discussing and speaking about openSUSE with people.

Day 1 was very much a ChatWeek moment rather than HackWeek 🙂  The chatting took place all around the offices, and even in Meeting Rooms where we discussed many aspects of the project.  I continued chatting with fellow openSUSE peeps over dinner and well into the night:

Chatting over dinner

Chatting into the night

It isn’t all chatting though, some people did manage to get some coding done albeit in between chats 🙂  By the way Andreas isn’t laughing at the code quality and Benji isn’t playing an advanced level of nethack – honest!

Actually hacking

I’m certainly hoping to be able to get some video recorded on Day 2, but these people at SUSE are just so damned social that it’s really hard!! 😀

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