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Hackweek Day 4

August 29th, 2008 by

Group photo from Hackweek community members and some Novell guysThursday was my last way of Hackweek since I went on FTO on friday. Jan had the great idea to take a group photo, so here you see a photo of all invited guests to hackweek together with some Novell folks they hacked together. After the photo it was time for a small ice-cream party.

While I think that many people will blog in more detail on what they’re been doing during hackweek but let me give a short summary of those folks that came to Nürnberg.  This is the status from Thursday afternoon:

  • Benji Weber: worked on the software portal with Pascal. He spend most of the time on mapping packages to applications – since users look for applications and not for packages. He wants to publish a test page soon. Btw. the software portal can use some help, so if you are a Java programmer or web designer and like to help, please contact Benji and Pascal.
  • Pascal Bleser called it  “Chatweek” – and was working also on the software portal.
  • Jan Weber, a GSOC student working on LTSP, created an education YaST module to create users and assign groups for kiosk/sabayon so that admins/parents can easily setup the system with the appropriate permissions for the kids. He showed that YCP is not such a complex language ;).
  • Andrew Wafaa wants to work on a documentary about openSUSE staff and started doing the first videos.
  • Marcus Hüwe worked on the openSUSE Build Service to resolve dependencies using metadata instead of downloading packages directly (works so far for Debian packages only)
  • Andreas Demmer started to redesign openSUSE web pages with Robert Lihm, the current version has been sent to the opensuse-wiki and -marketing lists for review.
  • Frank Karlitschek worked on the “Social Desktop” – community is a strength of Open Source but the desktops do not really show the community and enable easy interaction, this could allow different communities like GNOME, KDE or openSUSE, to better interact and grow.
  • Jörg Riedel worked with Alexander on KVM: Now KVM can run inside KVM.
  • Sebastian Trüg has been discussing and hacking on the KDE desktop.

I repeat myself but we spend indeed a great time together and discussed a lot besides all the hacking.

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3 Responses to “Hackweek Day 4”

  1. Cristian Rodriguez is at home ?
    I guess he is resting his foot :p

  2. Andreas Jaeger

    Alex, you’re right – he became ill and is missing 🙁

    • Well i just talk to him on the IRC #opensuse-es

      He is still at Germany … he was at “the office”
      don’t know what office … but anyway ….

      He has a lot of medicines for his foot … poor Latin guy :p

      by the way ,,,, did he was the only Latin hacker ?