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August 31st, 2008 by

Glad to announce the release of Enlightenment LiveCD based on OpenSUSE-11.0.

Download page
‘Welcome’ notes (PDF)
Direct link to the .iso image

Login details:

User: linux
Pass: soad

User: root
Pass: soad

A lot of people helped me to manage this. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! My deepest apologizes that I can’t mention all of you by name. But I’ll try to make it ‘in general’:

Enlightenment Development Team and Enlightenment Community
OpenSUSE Build Service Team
OpenSUSE KIWI Team (schaefi, cyberorg, pzb, cgoncalves – THANKS!)
Stalwart, thanks for the hosting!
Packman Team
Dear engineers and developers, THANKS! Using SuSE since 8.2 (Pro) Decided to contribute not so long ago…

It’s the result of my modest efforts. Hope you like it.


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23 Responses to “Enlightenment”

  1. andy

    i’d hate to tax your server. Has any kind soul mirrored or torrented the CD iso?

    But than you for sharing this! And *you’re* the one behind the 23ox glass port? I. raising my glass to you, cheers!

  2. Dmitry Serpokryl


    try to use

    wget -c -t 0 http://sda.scwlab.com/suse-11.0-live-iso.i686-2.5.1.iso

    server seems to be ok.

    yep, i ported ’23Oz’ and ‘Bluesteel’ from E16 to E17. also nice theme ‘Winter’ is ported to E17 by Rephorm.

  3. andy

    Nice, it works, out of the box; just had to set the network (or restart I think) to surf and IRchat.

    WHat would be the simplest way to get current themes in e17? (Don’t get me wrong: I am still blown away at the extent of the 23oz glass port, and I’ve only skimmed over the configuration panel so far.) I would grab them now, like a snapshot, before they move on to the next update 🙂 Is there a shrinkwrapped set I can download?

  4. Dmitry Serpokryl

    it’s ok. ’23Oz’ has it’s limitations. it has some issues (trails of a window borders for example) if you’re using composite stuff and some other ones which not only depend on the quality of a theme but has a ‘roots’ in E code itself. anyway i’m trying to fix all bugs asap.

    regarding the themes and other E stuff. if you like the LiveCD and install it to your PC then the default repositories will deliver you all required updates. use YaST or a simple command (as a root):

    zypper ref && zypper up -t packages

    this repos will always deliver you the current stable svn. there planned to be no such things as completely outdated packages in “packman” or other Enlightenment repositories. the places where to look for a new themes are described in a Welcome.pdf (right on the first page). and here’s another option. use EC panel -> Appearance -> Themes (basic mode) and select the one you need online:

    that is the core reason why i’m not including too much themes in the repo. it’s best when all themes are installed by user (not the root) except the default one and located in users $HOME dirs.

    also you’re welcome to look through the get-e.org (it’d be down soon if not already):

    and the ‘Detour’ homepage:

  5. Dmitry Serpokryl



  6. Sergio1704

    IMHO, if all that bandwidth were used to upload a torrent, we would be downloading a lot faster now. Estimated time: 20 hours.

  7. Brian

    Yes, please, someone make and upload a torrent. Mine was estimated 4 or 5 days to download.. eek! I can’t have my computer on for that long, so it’s SOL for me right now.

    I’m really excited about this however!!!

  8. Nice to see the Chameleon has reached Enlightenment! 😉

    Awesome project! I have added this project to the UEOSC Web Page:


    I have also added a dedicated discussion board for the Enlightenment LiveCD based on OpenSUSE-11.0 on the CafeLinux.org Forum

    I commend the Devs on a job well done and look forward to trying the Enlightenment LiveCD out also…

    RAV | רב

  9. Dmitry Serpokryl

    thank you very much, you’re very kind.

    1) yes, the download time sucks and i’ll try to make an auto upload of iso image to the torrent tracker or find another way to get some ‘mirror’ space/bandwidth
    2) you can download the image with “continue” option turned on and there’s no need to keep PC up for days
    3) i’d highly appreciate any bugreports/feature requests.

    my best regards!

  10. mudCat

    You can start a torrent at Linux Tracker:


  11. Dmitry Serpokryl

    i’d highly appreciate any advise how to create the .torrent file and proceed the upload from the command line having only ssh to the hosting. it’d be nice if some related scripts already deployed around.


  12. Dmitry Serpokryl

    well, something prevents the seeding of the torrent. here’s an example:

    tried to use ‘rtorrent’ but failed. ‘rtorrent’ is up but no results yet. your help is welcome!

    • Ghost of Kendo


      Did you tried to use a different port than the default one?
      If not, that’s maybe the reason of your seeding failure. Some trackers require to use a different port (in order to prevent bitorrent filters of some Internet Providers)


  13. Sergio1704

    Try BitTornado as a client. Effective and intuitive.

  14. Anonymous

    seems like NAT of our ISP blocks the new torrent connections to the seeders PC’s. unfortunately we don’t have a dedicated “direct” IP address to seed the torrents. all we can do is to provide the empty .torrent files like this:

    but seed from our PC’s/servers is impossible.

    sorry for the inconvenience caused.


  15. Sergio1704

    Wouldn’t “mom” (openSUSE/Novell) host this? 🙂 I believe there is a huge interest from the users.

  16. Dmitry Serpokryl

    we shipped 17Tb-18Tb of traffic via http for less than 24 hours since the small announce on DistroWatch, no doubt that it’s zero against the official releases. finally we have a torrent (HUGE THANKS TO ALL SEEDERS!) download option, we’re looking for the friendly mirrors and it’s clear that we’ll find a way to get the desired bandwidth/storage sooner or later.

    it’d be really nice if there’s a way to include into the official OpenSUSE distribution the following E17 Core Base packages:
    total size of rpm’s is about 10-12Mb. it’d be great to have an option in installer: “Minimal X system with E17”

    it’s imho of course. i’m glad to contribute to OpenSUSE and just hope that Community has benefits from my modest efforts.

  17. Les Chitester

    I’m very new to torrents, could you give me a link that I can get the torrent start download from? Looking forward to trying it.


  18. Dmitry Serpokryl

    you’re welcome!


  19. Sergio1704

    The torrent is still very slow. Does anybody know why?
    Apparently it is well seeded.

  20. The Enlightenment LiveCD has been featured on Distropedia:


    Please take a look, @ the Devs, please sign up at Distropedia to refine the article/information.

    RAV | רב

  21. Zord

    You could put the torrent on ThePirateBay trackers and index it on IsoHunt.

    If this it’ll get a great amount of peers! I bet!


  22. Dmitry Serpokryl


    our October’08 updated Enlightenment LiveCD will contain the following improvements:

    1) OpenOffice-gtk theme match to the default gtk+ theme and switching to the default OOo branding
    2) Addition of ‘lxappearance’ and removal of ‘gconf-editor’ for easy tweak of your gtk settings
    3) Inclusion of the latest Xorg along with the latest Mesa (owners of ATI should appreciate it)
    4) Fixes in the EFM’s (Enlightenment File Manager) Drag’n’Drop operations
    5) Current E-svn (it’s a standard practice in our case but could be treated as a feature though)
    6) New gimp (2.5.*) and updated image manipulation libraries
    7) Improvements in the default fontconfig configuration
    8) Inclusion of all updates except the kernel. Kernel will remain as it is.
    9) Other minor improvements

    We also want to know your opinion about LXDE. Should we include it as an addition to the LiveCD or as a replacement to the IceWM or just left things as they are?


    P.S. we also started to contribute to the wiki: