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Opensuse-Nicaragua in Software Freedom Day

September 21st, 2008 by

in the community of opensuse-Nicaragua, we have organized together with NI-LUG (Linux user group for Nicaragua) theSoftware freedom day, an event in which we celebrate the freedoms of free software, and we know the alternative to free we have the unique program, in which case I am proud to say that in the area of facilities were installed 17 machines with 11.0 opensuse already acada a promoDVD them a gift, like all people asking q arrived on opensuse, they were promoDVD a gift.

There was an area of sales of T-shirts, where we make shirts for sale along with the shirts and gave a promoDVD.sfdsfd2sfd4sfd5sfd6

Software Freedom Day was a success!

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3 Responses to “Opensuse-Nicaragua in Software Freedom Day”

  1. Excelent event !!! =D

    I was at El Salvador for that time …
    I am expecting the pics from there 😉


    Congrats 😉

  2. Decks, you stole 2 of my pictures! XD

    Return them at once!


    Congratulations for your new Blog.


  3. @Agustin:
    You forgot the pics of the concert!!!
    Carbono 14 rulezzzz!!!! XD