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OpenSuSE Nicaragua in SFD 2008

September 24th, 2008 by

On Sept. 20th, the Free Software Community in Nicaragua celebrated the “Software Freedom Day” at the “Universidad Centroamerica, UCA” Campus. The Nicaraguan OpenSuSE Community was there, supporting the event and promoting our favorite Linux Distribution.

As a Member of the Nicaraguan OpenSuSE community and the Nicaraguan Amateur Astronomy Group, I’ve set up a small stand running Stellarium in my oS.11 Laptop.

After that, I conducted a small workshop for people interested in learning Stellarium.

That was a big day!

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One Response to “OpenSuSE Nicaragua in SFD 2008”

  1. Great job, Julio!
    Congrats to all garrobos in .ni!!! :p