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New Hardware for the OBS

October 16th, 2008 by

Today we got new hardware for the Build Service!

img_1880.jpg img_1883.jpg img_1885.jpg

Thanks to AMD who sponsored the hardware, we will have soon a lot more buildpower resulting in less waiting time. We got 8 machines, each a 16 core system with 16GB ram. It will take some time to build all into the rack and have them up and running, so in the meantime we have some pictures for you 🙂

img_1886.jpg img_1890.jpg img_1891.jpg

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9 Responses to “New Hardware for the OBS”

  1. Wow, what a load of processing power! 🙂

  2. Thanks AMD 😀

    P.S. Green walls in that room, eh? 😉

  3. That’s nice. I need some hardware like that in my office.

  4. VintagePC

    Hehe… Forget getting hardware like that in my office, I want my office near that hardware!!

  5. awesome, awesome to the MAX, thx Arabian Micro Devices

  6. irrdev

    Wow! Thanks, AMD, for sponsoring this. Imagine having a desktop computer with that our power… I’d be able to compile the entire Linux kernel in a matter of minutes!

  7. Metodo(Italy)

    Good AMD!
    I’m italian,but…
    YEAH 16 core,16 GB ram..
    Too cool!!!