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openSUSE-Education success history : OpenSource ECDL in Milan

November 29th, 2008 by

As i annunced on marketing mailing list this 21 November, in Milan (italy) as been presentated the OpenSource ECDL version.

Yes, your red well… OPEN-SOURCE. That means, instead talk about MS Windows and MS Office, it talk about an opensource Operating System and OpenOffice.org. This free operating system is openSUSE 😉 , improved with our Education Project. I was not in Milan, because if i have to say the true i was out of money, i live 1000 Km far, and i i wasn’t able to buy train ticket 🙁 . Mr. Carugo , the DIDASCA Rector told me about a “SOLD OUT”, 650 peoples in a room where only 500 was allowed… so.. a GREAT DAY!! Oh, i forgot.. Thanks to marketing team that sent me 50 Promo DVDs. Thanks

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