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GMC LiveCDs Seek Testers

December 5th, 2008 by

Coolo just announced on the opensuse-factory list:

Strictly speaking it’s not Factory, but I put the GMC live cds at the usual place: http://ftp.suse.com/pub/projects/FactoryLiveCDs/

It would be good to give the 11.1 kernel some testing.

GMC stands for Goldmaster Candidate – which means that these LiveCDs might be declared next week as goldmaster – and goldmaster is another name for the final release.

Note that we currently have no full repository for openSUSE 11.1 out – the one available contains RC1 and factory is not building at all, the sources are updated but not the binaries.  We use for building the distribution the 11.1 distribution in the openSUSE Build Service.

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6 Responses to “GMC LiveCDs Seek Testers”

  1. probono

    The search box in the Gnome start menu (“slab”) is still a Placebo.

    Am I the only one who finds this slab thing immature?

  2. Doug HASLETT

    Noticed same problem with GMC kde Live as my install of RC1 using DVD.
    1st splash of openSUSE (green background) uses entire screen 15.4 WS, but when running from Live CD am only 15″ 4:3 thus about 1 ” wide black bars on BOTH sides of my LCD (also noted in comments 2008/12/13/Sneak-peek)

  3. John van Rensburg

    GMC gnome (32 bit) fails to load xserver on amd 64 system with radeon graphics card. Works fine on similar system with nvidia card.

  4. Doug HASLETT

    Am running x86-64 KDE, not Gnome 32. ATI Radeon 2600 HD works fine,but will recheck ATI/AMD {G2K-A1}.
    nVidia 8600M GT on G1S-B1 is having the xserver problem. More comments in http://news.opensuse.org/2008/12/13/sneak-peeks-at-opensuse-111-improved-installation-easier-administration/

    • John van Rensburg

      Will try again with failsafe settings. My older acernote had problems with normal install (got Tomboy errors and firefox didn’t work) but works fine with failsafe settings.
      My radeon card is 3450.

  5. Dimble

    Just tried out the GM KDE LiveCD on my Lenovo S10e and found a bug or two:

    1. Would not correctly select 1024×576 as the resolution, and Sax2 did not offer 1024×576 as a selectable resolution.
    Bizarrely enough the Yast/Device Properties tab did recognise the screen as 1024×576, and yet the it booted into 800×600.

    I would like Sax2 to at least offer me the option of 1024×576, if it can’t detect it by default.

    2. Kopete recognise the webcam as a “Lenovo EasyCamera” and yet there is no button to test the camera and the test image box just shows a green background.

    It would be really nice to have the webcam work out the box.

    3. I tried to use YAST to find out if my broadcom networking chips were correctly recognised and working only to be told that YAST cannot integrate with networkmanager.

    Don’t really know much about wireless gubbins as i have never had a netbook before, but it is a must have work first time on a portable device.

    Hopefully these are minor config bugs that can be fixed before release, although i realise time is short.