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Contrib Repository Kicked Off

December 11th, 2008 by

During this week the so-called Contrib repository has been finally really started after the discussion come to a halt some time ago.  Contrib (see here for details) is a repository managed by community members that will be frozen at release time to make more packages available for openSUSE users.  It is a kind of “Universal” repository for third-party packages.

To see how it works, I updated today Greg KH‘s smugbatch package that I put into my home project a couple of months ago and submitted it to contrib with the following command:

osc submitreq create home:a_jaeger smugbatch openSUSE:Factory:Contrib smugbatch -m \
"Add smugbatch to CONTRIB"

This produces an email to the opensuse-contrib mailing list and now my request gets reviewed by the maintainer team of Contrib.

Thanks a lot to Alexey for starting the contrib project a couple of months ago and to all volunteers that are driving it now!

Btw. smugbatch is a command line tool to manage photos on SmugMug – you can see some of my photos at my personal SmugMug page.

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  1. F2

    I love it!