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openSUSE Release Party in Nürnberg

December 19th, 2008 by

openSUSE 11.1 Releaseparty in NürnbergYesterday evening we had in Nürnberg the local release party which Martin announced a couple of days ago. I think we had around 50 participants, many from the local Novell office, but also people travelling by car for over an hour. The group was quite different: Developers, testers, users of openSUSE – also some people that just started using openSUSE and wanted to chat and celebrate with us. The youngest participant (my daughter) was 8 months old and sleeping most of the time.

We were fortunate to distribute openSUSE 11.1 DVDs and green hats.

I enjoyed talking with many that showed up and received as main feedback from many of those that I talked with: When will the presentation start? So, something to change for next time…

Thanks to Martin, Melanie and Jacqueline for the party – and thanks to all that joined us!

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One Response to “openSUSE Release Party in Nürnberg”

  1. Beineri

    This picture must have been taken late – it was much more crowded earlier.