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Menage Skype and Facebook with Pidgin

December 27th, 2008 by

Hi folks, Merry xmas to everybody…

i have a greate news for all pidgin lovers…

yes! you red well… i packaged two pidgin plugins that allow to to use pidgin fro skype and facebook chat!

don’t beleive me? here some pictures:



really nice eh? and it’s really easy to install and use! all packages you need are on my repository home:anubisg1 lots of you know it because of pidgin upstream version without the need to add GNOME repositories.

All you need to use it are skype4pidgin and pidgin-facebookchat packages. Once you install them you have to set-up your account… let me show you how.

On “add account” windows you’ll see 3 other protocols: facebook, skype, skype (D-BUS), choose the one you want as i did here:

now, if you choose facebook plugin, you simpy have to accept login.facebook.com SSL certificate and then you are ready to go. like here:

if you want to use skype plugin instead, right now you still need skype to installed and run…

On you first skype login using pidgin, you have to allow pidgin to connect skype like here:

that’s all.. you can now do anything you do with skype/facebook with pidgin too, you may want to know, that right now, the skype plugin directly use skype to start audio/video calls, because it is not able to do it..

Have fun with it.


oh i forgot.. here links to the plugins home pages:



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6 Responses to “Menage Skype and Facebook with Pidgin”

  1. I have packaged the Facebook plugin in my home project


    There’s versions available for 32-bit and 64-bit openSUSE 11.0 and openSUSE 11.1

  2. hi justin, thanks for the hint, but as i wrote on my repo you’ll find the latested pidgin and both plugins (the skype and the facebook one) both compiled on 32 and 64 bit, for suse 10.3 11.0 11.1 and factory 😉

  3. fab

    facebook worked also before in pidgin and any contact list that i can run in another IM client for which i still need to run the original app, is plain useless. i’m not against your work, but why would i want my skype contacts in pidgin if skype has to run anyway!!!??? a tip: utilizza spellchecker…ci sono un paio d’errori…:-)

  4. Samaelh

    Easy to install on Foresight too, I just had to copy the .so file in /usr/lib64/purple2/.
    Thanks to have told us about those plugins 🙂

  5. Yes indeed, but you may have problems with shared libs.. infact i patched a little to search in /usr/lib64, because it searched in /usr/lib on 64 bit too 😉

  6. Cool! I figured out a few months ago how to enable Facebook chat using the original project, but having it all packaged and nice is definitely quicker. Thanks for that!

    I agree that the Skype plug in is a little useless, but I don’t blame Andrea for that. More off, I blame Skype for not providing a plug in for Pidgin. That would be cool instead of running Skype separately, but either way it’s nice.