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Archive for March 2nd, 2009

OpenOffice_org 3.1 alpha1 available

March 2nd, 2009 by

I’m happy to announce that OpenOffice.org 3.1 alpha1 packages are available in the Build Service OpenOffice:org:UNSTABLE project.

The packages are alpha versions and might include even serious bugs. Therefore they are not intended for data-critical usage. A good practice is to archive any important data before an use, …

We kindly ask any interested beta testers to try the package and report bugs. We are especially interested into the testing of SMB access and file locking.

Other information and plans:

The next version will have hopefully the beta quality. It should include an initial implementation of the OOXML export filters and thus improve the interoperability with MS Office 2007. It should be done the openSUSE-11.1-like split build way and thus provide also the most important extensions. I hope that it will be available by the end of the following week.

I am going to update the OOo-3.0.1 packages in the OpenOffice:org:STABLE project. It should include even better fix for the update problem on openSUSE-11.1 (bug #471280). It will include few more important fixes. It should be available by the end of this week.