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YaST and Compiz during Installation

April 1st, 2009 by

We (Thomas Göttlicher, J. Daniel Schmidt and Arvin Schnell) have use all our
remaining ITO for this really cool feature.

Normally compiz (more precisely the cube module) shows each desktop on the
surface of a cuboid. Since we don’t have several desktops during installation
we decided to show the “wizard” steps on the cuboid. Pressing “Next” or “Back”
rotates the cuboid around the y-axis:


Entering a “subwizard” rotates the cuboid around the x-axis:


Fortunately most computers are fast enough to render the 3D-scene even without
special hardware support that we lack during installation.

Will be available in Factory within the next weeks. Comments are welcome.

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14 Responses to “YaST and Compiz during Installation”

  1. Olga aus Polen

    Happy April Fool’s day 😉

  2. Oleg

    Nice feature! Go openSUSE!

  3. lozzty

    April fool!

  4. Andrew

    One more step to the future 🙂 Cool!

  5. Vovochka

    April 1st. Have a nice day fools.

  6. Agvantar

    April 1st 🙂

  7. korvin

    All Hail April Fools Day^W^W^WOpenSUSE ^_^’

  8. jake

    Can it install from or to Windows…? 😉

  9. Send to Digg, please! 🙂

  10. Vladimir

    Happy Aprel 1st! Anyway it isn’t a good idea! There are so many computers without good video card!

  11. aix

    wery good or 1.04. Sentence is ok.

  12. spirov92

    Awesome! I know it’s a joke, but it might look really cool…if the drivers for the graphics card are built-in. Do you think you can do it for 11.2?

  13. rijnsma

    I hate it. Linux can be beautifull; don’t make ‘a great show’ and ‘big fun’ of it please.