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Qemu network speed

May 7th, 2009 by

I’m working on a solution to automatically test drive factory installations every day and one thing that bothered me majorly was the download speed I had with kvm. I couldn’t get faster than around 300K/s, which makes a factory installation take around 5 hours. Not really practical for my purpose, and it was quite frustrating taking that the host gets almost 3MB/s out of download.opensuse.org (I get various german mirrors). So I asked around and Jan suggested the setup of Gladiac, but it didn’t want to fly for me. So I continued experimenting and went to Luwdig for some firewall advise. And his suggestion was much simpler: using pcnet. So my kvm call looks like this now:

qemu-kvm -net user,hostname=factory-pc -net nic,model=pcnet -drive ....

Now I have about the full performance – and I’m ten steps closer to automating bootchart generation of daily factory 🙂

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One Response to “Qemu network speed”

  1. Try:
    qemu-kvm -net user,hostname=factory-pc -net nic,model=virtio ...

    For some kvm training i did some very simple network benchmarking : rtl8139 (the default) is indeed the slowest. pcnet is a bit faster, but if you have the choice you might want to go with virtio-net. If you test openSUSE Factory i guess virtio-net should be available – even in the install initrd(?) (Guest: zgrep CONFIG_VIRTIO_NET /proc/config.gz) …