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New look openSUSE-Education

May 14th, 2009 by

This community week we got a couple of new contributors to openSUSE-Education project, we got artists to come up with new looks for live images.

One of the first theme is called Li-f-e(Linux for Education).

Education Desktop

Li-f-e theme consists of elements representing knowledge. Green background is selected to identify it with openSUSE colors. Pi is on the welcome screen. Two neon lines represent “strokes of brilliance”. openSUSE-Edu logo is rendered luminescent: spreading light of knowledege or acting as a beacon of learning. This theme is created by Samyak Bhuta. This theme is in openSUSE-Edu-KIWI-LTSP-live-unstable iso, get it to see it in action.

Complete screenshot set of the theme and more ideas are here: http://en.opensuse.org/Education/Live/Screenshots

On the side note, this is my first post on “lizards“, this would be my new blog, so update your feed bookmarks if you would like to keep updated about what I am sharing here.

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