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Netbeans 6.5 is going to Factory

June 4th, 2009 by

As you might know, the netbeans package was a part of openSUSE, but for some historical reason, it was a monolithic package in non-oss repository. Last weeks I have worked on import 29 new packages to Factory, which allows us to build netbeans from source and include it to regular free repository. Fortunately thanks for hard work of guys from jpackage project it was easy to adapt their spec files for SUSE and push them into the Factory.

Majority of those packages was reviewed and included into Factory during last weeks, but five (including netbeans) itself are currently in review process, so they would be available later. Following graph shows netbeans and it’s build dependencies. Green color means – package is in Factory, yellow means package is in review process.

Netbeans and build requires

In a meanwhile the netbeans for openSUSE Factory and 11.1 is available in Java:packages BuildService repository, so feel free to install and test it.

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6 Responses to “Netbeans 6.5 is going to Factory”

  1. I suggest to change the wording in the first sentence from “it will be in monolithic package in non-oss …” to “it was a monolithic package in non-oss …”. The current one is pretty confusing.

  2. Chris

    Great news! Would be nicer with Nimbus LAF though.

  3. initialzero

    Awesome! Great job.

    Nimbus LAF can be used with Netbeans by using the switch –laf Nimbus
    You must use jdk 1.6.0_10 or greater

  4. Good news. But what about updating core application by user? And what about managing plug-ins as user?

  5. Michal Vyskocil

    > But what about updating core application by user?

    This self-updating capabilities is not compatible with Linux packaging, so this might be disabled by default. SUSE users should use the Java:packages OBS project, which offers a newest versions of Java packages. If it will makes a sense, I could create a separate project for netbeans.

    > And what about managing plug-ins as user?

    You can install and update a new plugin as a user (it will be in ~/.netbeans/). But netbeans is installed with some plugins built-in (svn, Java GUI, eclipse project importer, …), which are in /usr and cannot be edited by regular user.