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Package Review in the Build Service

July 15th, 2009 by

If you are responsible for a package and somebody else changes  it (see my post on fixing packages in openSUSE Factory), you will receive an email from the openSUSE Build Service with a subject like “[obs undefined-request 14149] network:time/ntp: created by a_jaeger”.  The email contains instructions on what you can do with the request, let me just show the normal way (everything is fine) and refer to the documentation on the wiki about Collaboration in the Build Service and the short email.


To REVIEW against the previous version, you can run:

 osc request show --diff 14149

Note that this only works before the submission is requested, you well now get with the above ID an error.

I advise to always review changes.  The goal here is to have high quality packages that follow our packaging guidelines.  You might also need to help others to understand how to package properly.

Reviewing means especially the following steps (see also Marcus’ email):

  • Check that the tar ball is really the upstream tarball or comes from the upstream repositories
  • Review patches for malicious code
  • Review spec file, especially the pre and post sections since those are executed as root.


To ACCEPT the request:

 osc request accept 14149 --message="reviewed ok."

Submit to Factory

Now the package is in your development project but not yet in the factory distribution of openSUSE.

So, please don’t forget to submit your  package to factory. My advise is to do this directly.

Waiting Requests

To check which requests are waiting for your project, you can login to the openSUSE Build Service and look at the start page of your project – or use the osc client:

osc request list <your project>

This will show the requests to your project.  To see what is currently waiting for review in factory, run

osc request list openSUSE:Factory

If you have any questions, please ask on the opensuse-buildservice or opensuse-packaging mailing lists.

Alternatively, if you have everything checked out locally, you can just cd to the local directory and then run “osc request list”.  Once you accept changes, you can run “osc submitreq” in the package directory to submit the version on the server to factory.  Btw. don’t forget to run “osc up” to update your local packages so that your local version is the same as the one on the server.

Factory Status

Stephan Kulow has written a nice script that runs hourly and shows the status of  factory and submissions to it – and to the devel projects.  The output is available here. Note that you can sort the columns with clicking on the heading.  The page helps to find:

  • which packages are failing
  • which packages have submit requests
  • which packages have changes in the devel project that are not in factory yet

So, this page will help both you as owner of a package as well as anybody going to help with fixing packages since it gives an easy way to see what is failing.

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