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Archive for July 21st, 2009

Some Impressions from Hackweek

July 21st, 2009 by

I just wanted to introduce briefly two projects that I found interesting while talking yesterday with developers:

Richard Günther has been looking into making factory updates smaller.  He writes in the Wiki that his first milestone has been reached – the %{release} macro does not contain the rebuild number and therefore instead of syncing out all RPMs of a package, we can limit it to those that have changed.  His next task is creating debuginfo packages for each subpackage instead of a single one that accompanies all packages.

Jiri Kosina and Vojtech Pavlik are working on an automated bug screened, based on Bayesian self-learning algorithms.  The simple tool will suggest the best assignee of a bug based on a description and Bugzilla field values.

Note that we’re just at day two of hackweek, so some of these projects might fail.

Feel free to ping me, if I should introduce your project as well.

Solar Eclipse on your desktop

July 21st, 2009 by

A Celestial event, the sight of the century is happening tomorrow morning here in India. Monsoon clouds may spoil the fun though. Fear not, you can still see how exactly the event will unfold. Grab Li-f-e DVD if you don’t have it already or if you have openSUSE 11.1 installed, use this 1-click to install Stellarium.