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Small openSUSE Build Service Tips

July 31st, 2009 by

I talked yesterday with Coolo about the openSUSE Build Service and mentioned that I have now a lot of branched projects in my home project since I looked at many different packages that have different devel packages.  He showed me his script and also gave another hint that I wanted to share (thanks Coolo for sharing this with me!).

Package Branching

First I checked the (in my case already existing home:a_jaeger:branches:openSUSE:Factory) project out and did: mv /build/home\:a_jaeger\:branches\:openSUSE\:Factory/ /build/branches Now I can use the following script and call it with a package name to branch a package and check it out:

#! /bin/bash
cd /build/branches/
osc branch openSUSE:Factory $1 home:a_jaeger:branches:openSUSE:Factory
osc co -c $1
cd $1
quilt setup $1.spec

Quilt is also setup automatically for easy generation of patches. Btw. quilt has a nice man page and some information in the openSUSE Wiki. A submit request will then be done to the devel project. So, that means I only have one project to look at for all of my factory packages. I also have this project setup that it only builds for openSUSE:Factory, some other devel projects might build for several distributions. That way I can also cleanup by project easier after I changed packages – I don’t want to have packages lying around for ever after I fixed them. This reduces space and build power of the openSUSE Build Service.

What packages depend on package X?

One commenter on my last blog  post asked how to calculate dependencies of a package in openSUSE:Factory.

Here’s another script that might come handy until osc has support for “osc whatdependson”:

curl -s http://download.opensuse.org/source/factory/repo/oss/suse/setup/descr/packages.gz \
| zcat | grep -E "^=Pkg|^$1" | grep -B1 $1| grep =Pkg | sort -u

Call it like “depends mozilla-xulrunner190”.

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