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Archive for August 3rd, 2009

Smarter osc commit

August 3rd, 2009 by

Some hours ago I have worked on fix of eclipse build. But two parallel builds of eclipse (there are eclipse.spec and eclipse-archdep.spec) eats almost all resources of my computer, which was unusable. Fortunately vim needs a little of CPU time, so I decided to improve smarter osc commit, I implemented on Friday.

If you work with osc and packaging, you probably forgot to add a new patch, or source and commits sources with missing file, so build in OBS fails. Our internal script, which we used before BuildService has a check, which warns about files not specified in Patch or Source in a spec file, so it was a great feature for forgetful developers (as myself, for example). The problem is how to get a list of sources and patches for a current spec file? The internal script uses some “magic” shell code which calls a rpmbuild, because it’s rather impossible to parse a specfile correctly. Fortunately there is a simplest approach.

In build service package directory each file has a state – added, modified, removed, …. So my idea is simple – check state of all files in the directory and if there is any file with ‘?’ (file exists, but not in metadata) or ‘!’ (file is in metadata, but not in directory) state, ask user what to do. The initial implementation allows to continue or abort and was not user friendly as it could be. So during rebuild of (two) eclipse I wrote a better implementation.

Lets have a package (for example called xdoclet) and we want commit our changes to OBS. So

$ osc status
?    xdoclet-modules-objectweb-4.6.tar.bz2
?    xdoclet-src-1.2.3.tar.bz2
!    xdoclet-modules-objectweb-4.6.tgz
!    xdoclet-src-1.2.3.tgz
M    xdoclet.changes
M    xdoclet.spec

You see, that we used bznew to repack tgz files to tar.bz2, which is recommended in openSUSE. Then we commit our changes

osc commit
File `xdoclet-modules-objectweb-4.6.tar.bz2' is not in package meta. Would you like skip/remove/edit file lists/commit/abort? (s/r/e/c/A)

I suppose that all options are clear – skip will skip check for this file, remove will remove it, commit forced commit and abort breaks it. But I don’t like this message, so if you have some better proposal, please contact me.

The most important command is edit file list. I thought how to easily add and remove files using this smarter commit. The final implementation has been inspired by one of the coolest git feature – interactive rebase.

So after selecting e, the list of files is opened in your EDITOR

  1 leave   xdoclet-AbstractProgramElementTagsHandler.patch
  2 leave   xdoclet-WebLogicSubTask.patch
  3 leave   xdoclet-XDocletModulesEjbMessages.patch
  4 leave   xdoclet-ant.not-required.patch
  5 leave   xdoclet-build_docs_xml.patch
  6 leave   xdoclet-build_xml.patch
  7 leave   xdoclet-component-info.xml
  8 leave   xdoclet-maven-plugin-project.patch
  9 leave   xdoclet-maven-plugin-template.patch
 10 leave ? xdoclet-modules-objectweb-4.6.tar.bz2
 11 remove ! xdoclet-modules-objectweb-4.6.tgz
 12 leave   xdoclet-project_xml.patch
 13 leave ? xdoclet-src-1.2.3.tar.bz2
 14 remove ! xdoclet-src-1.2.3.tgz
 15 leave M xdoclet.changes
 16 leave M xdoclet.spec
 18 # Edit a filelist for package %s
 19 # Commands:
 20 # l, leave = leave a file as is
 21 # r, remove = remove a file
 22 # a, add   = add a file
 23 #
 24 # If you remove file from a list, it will be unchanged
 25 # If you remove all, commit will be aborted

and a manipulation is obvious. Just replace a command listed in a first column by another one, then save a file and instructions will be processed and package will be commited.

BTW: Of course this feature can be suppressed by new -f/–force option.

Source Services 0.0.1, no more writing SPEC files ?

August 3rd, 2009 by

Okay, my first example of the build service source services did something usefull on my notebook. I submitted a very short file and I got installable packages in return. The file is actually that simple that it can easy get created by any IDE, website or desktop shortcut.

So the final goal is to get a 1-Click package build, but there is even more !


Li-f-e and KIWI-LTSP updates

August 3rd, 2009 by

Nat Friedman's tip, put image on top of the blog to make visitors stay longer than 26 seconds ;)
openSUSE Li-f-e: Linux for Education DVD and the KIWI-LTSP has been updated.

The changes from the last release:


– All openSUSE updates including the latest stable kernel
– Nvu is replaced by Kompozer
– New KIWI-LTSP images