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Firewall Zone Switcher Updated

August 28th, 2009 by

I have updated the Firewall Zone Switcher.
It now starts with a main window by default instead of
directly going to the system tray. There’s a settings dialog that
allows to enable the system tray icon and optionally also enables
starting the applet on log-in. Furthermore the daemon now uses
PolicyKit for access control and the applet supports i18n.


Packages for openSUSE 11.1 are available from the openSUSE build service. You also need to update SuSEfirewall2 from that repo. Source code repo is available at gitorious.

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6 Responses to “Firewall Zone Switcher Updated”

  1. Anubisg1

    i simply love it!!!

  2. Ludwig,

    Any plans of porting it over to PolicyKit-1.0? That’s what we’ll be having in 11.2. But other than that! Great job! Something that was missing for a long time appears.
    (Already packaged and submitted to openSUSE:Factory?)

    • Ludwig Nussel

      polkit support in Factory is currently quite incomplete. Also there are still more packages using PolicyKit than polkit so 11.2 will likely have both.
      fwzs is submitted for inclusion in Factory, yes.

  3. Great!

    One question though: what does “partially protected” and “protected” mean? Is it something “untrusted” and “trusted” zone?


    • Ludwig Nussel

      The wording is still kind of experimental. I don’t know what describes the zones best. Currently the mapping is hardcoded:
      int – Unprotected
      dmz – Partially Protected
      ext – Protected

      Of course ‘Protected’ here doesn’t mean much if you open any ports in the external zone.

      In the previous version I used this:
      int – Trusted Network
      dmz – Foreign Network
      ext – Internet

  4. I didn’t know this nice piece of software. Congratulations and thank you !