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Enlightenment live CD/USB – progress report

September 12th, 2009 by

Ladies and Gents,
we’re glad to announce that SOAD Linux 3.2.1 is out and available for download.

This is a bugfix release mostly. Please read the changelog:

Active mirrors are updated weekly, starting from Monday:

We do need your feedback about “Ecomorph” – some kind of auto configuration script is already managed (no manual adjustments are required before launch), but looks like some important parameters/values are still missed unfortunately. Already collected several “White Screen Compiz Bug” reports from owners of NVIDIA GPU’s and just wish to collect some more to get the reason how to improve it. Right now (for LiveCD/LiveUSB) “Ecomorph” should work with the modern NVIDIA (drivers already in) and with other video cards, where “Compiz” is supported by a current “Mesa”/(current Xorg drivers). The case here is to tweak some values to be sure that things could work “out from the box”.
Example: if we’re building/installing NVIDIA drivers manually from official *.run.sh – everything is just fine. If we’re using the “packaged” rpm’s with the same drivers – “White Screen” could happen with “Ecomorph”.

As a sweet eye-candy the work for “Restoration of a GANT iconset” has been started – hope you like it. Current status – a bit more then Alpha, works, but feedback is highly appreciated.

Soon we’re planning to update our Enlightenment repositories up to the current E-svn. QA is in progress. Unfortunately bleeding-edje svn code is not always stable enough :).


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