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Archive for October 2nd, 2009

openSUSE Ambassadors…numbers?

October 2nd, 2009 by

Alright. Just out of curiosity, I felt like finding out what the numbers show for South America compared to other regions in the Ambassadors Program of openSUSE.

As a reminder, the goals of the Ambassador Program are:

  • Act as an evangelist for openSUSE to the public.
  • Mentor new users and contributors.
  • Support openSUSE at local events.
  • Promote use of openSUSE and contributions to the openSUSE Project.
  • Have a lot of fun!.

So, checking out the Ambassadors List, I got for South America:

  • Brazil = 6.
  • Chile = 3.
  • Peru = 3.
  • Argentina = 2.
  • Colombia = 2.

Brazil is doing great here, doubling any other country’s Ambassadors number in the region. No doubt it’s not just users who are pushing Open Source out there but also their government and enterprises (example:Fisl), and I am glad openSUSE is a real choice for them. Compared to Europe, I believe statistical numbers are still OK for us 🙂 since the truth is that openSUSE is just ranked in the top five of the most popular Linux flavours in Chile, maybe it’s the same in other South America countries. So, Ambassadors for Europe (some countries only):

  • Germany = 8.
  • Spain = 6.
  • Austria = 4.
  • Italy = 3.
  • France = 2.

As for North America, we have got:

  • USA = 15.
  • Canada = 3.
  • Mexico = 3.

I even did a “quick and dirt” chart with OpenOffice’s Calc so you can have a graphical idea of our numbers around the world:

For more information, please, visit the openSUSE Ambassadors section.

Have a lot of fun!.