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Encrypted directory

December 3rd, 2009 by

I have notebook which contain private data and I don’t want anyone to read it even if my notebook will be stolen. Encrypted whole home partition is too much as my home directory contains also svn or git repositories which could anybody read. So I create encrypted directory in home directory which contain all private data and rest is normal accessible. So how to do it?
At first install user space crypted filesystem encfs. Then create two directories. First one for encrypted data and second one for accessible data. It is up to you how it is named e.g. encrypted and .encrypted or .Xcache and data (if your government feel that you must give him your data, so encrypted data is not so visible). Then create filesystem for it:

mkdir .encrypted encrypted
encfs /home/jreidinger/.encrypted /home/jreidinger/encrypted

Easy, not? Then encrypted directory contain your data. you can unmount it by fusermount -u encrypted.
After reboot you must attach it again. Maybe it is possible to do it easier, but I need that data only if I work from home, so I mount it manually. It is same as if you create encfs /home/jreidinger/.encrypted /home/jreidinger/encrypted

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  1. This is really simple and easy, thanks for sharing this info 🙂