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Kraft Project Status

January 12th, 2010 by

I thought it might be nice after the holidays to tell about the status of the Kraft project, the KDE software for people operating a small business. Some nice things happened around it.
Kraft Logo

The best thing is that an additional developer works on Kraft: After my last status post Thomas Richard (account trichard) contacted me that he is interested, next days I had the first patch in my mailbox and from that point of time on he constantly contributed high quality changes into the Kraft repository.

His high energy, dedication and fresh ideas gave me a new motivation push after having worked on Kraft basically alone for more than four years. That’s great!

The last months we worked on porting Kraft to the KDE4 platform which is in a quite good shape in SVN already: Kraft compiles without warnings and without Q3 and K3 support classes and works stable again.

We couldn’t resist to make use of the new capabilities of KDE4 here and there and as a result we have a few small feature updates as well. The most interesting might be that the first KDE4 Kraft version will additionally support a sqlite database backend which eases setup and configuration for users tremendously.

Following our friends from the KMyMoney project we will come up with a first Kraft-on-KDE4 beta soon. Please stay tuned.

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6 Responses to “Kraft Project Status”

  1. pseudoruprecht

    Great news! With the KDE4 version on the horizon, I can start counting the days before I finally get rid of that old DOS-based Primus. No more dual booting, no more parallel port (!) hardware dongle crap.

    Keep up the good work, folks

  2. Anne Wilson

    Wonderful news! Kraft has so much potential. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new version.

  3. I think you should call it a “rough kraft” instead of a beta.

  4. The User


    I do not know a lot about Kraft. But when I read planetkde I get really surprised: There are three actively developed finance-managament-applications in KDE. Kraft, KMyMoney and Skrooge. Why? What are the most important differences? Are there any plans to share code?

    The User

  5. @The User

    While KMyMoney and Skrooge are quite similar (with different philosophies, though), Kraft is dedicated to invoices management (Klaas, please correct me if I am wrong). The three of us form the “KDE Financial Group”. While there is no code sharing foreseen yet, there are intentions to increase interoperability, like a KMyMoney Kraft bridge, or easier import/export between KMyMoney and Skrooge (again guys, please correct me if I’m wrong).

    We also need to finalize the work started on a shared oxygen icon set.

  6. ipwizard

    Now that I don’t need a MySQL server anymore, I might even be able to setup a Kraft installation and check it out. I am on my way ….