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Having trouble with vmware-console & your keyboard mouse

January 22nd, 2010 by

If you are like me, looking around for a fix to get your keyboard & mouse working like before the 11.2 release with your vmware console. Try this fix :

Uncomment the line in /etc/X11/xorg.conf
option “AutoAddDevices” “off”

I’ve tried this in xfce & kde4 desktop, and now don’t have any strange grabbing off keyboard & mouse.
I can now easily send the ctrl+alt+del evil sequence to some windows vms.

If it works for you, please send a reply to these bugs :

Many ubuntu 9.10 guys are also hit by this problem !

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2 Responses to “Having trouble with vmware-console & your keyboard mouse”

  1. I have this problem all the time, but in my xorg.conf this option does not even exist. So it might be different for ATI graphics drivers.

  2. Justin, There’s no difference between cards !

    Perharps your’s xorg.conf was coming from previous version.
    For having it, you can just copy & paste the line.

    Want to see what’s missing or could be tuning in your xorg.conf
    man xorg.conf