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Hot Off The openSUSE Build Service Press

January 27th, 2010 by

Now with the aid of the Hermes notification system, you can find out as soon as a new version of software you’re interested in is uploaded to the openSUSE Build Service.

KDE version updates shown in the News widget

Here we see the test KDE feed I setup in the News widget.  You can setup your own new version feeds by going to the Hermes web interface with your openSUSE login, My Subscriptions, then scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the ‘expert interface’.  Add a new subscription of message type ‘OBS_SRCSRV_VERSION_CHANGE’ then set the appropriate digest period and the delivery mode to Web/RSS Newsfeed.  Finally add a Filter for ‘packagename’ and probably ‘containsitem’ then some part of the project name you are interested in.  I used ‘KDE:’ for the above feed, but you could use a more complete project name to include only for example new versions in KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop.  Save your changes, and you can then go to the ‘My Feeds’ link in the Hermes toolbox at left to get the feed URL.  To add a feed name, edit the notification and add a description.

Now all you research students and other compulsive update fans needn’t ‘zypper dup’ 10 times a day to find out if your favourite software changed.  Enhancement #434757 is done!

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