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openSUSE-LXDE Live CDs

March 13th, 2010 by

We have them!


Thanks to Dmitry serpokryl (The author of SOAD), to make it possible!

i586 and x86_64 isos are both available! But most of all, they provides the latest LXDE packages like pcmanfm 0.9.2

Now it’s your turn, download them, test them, report issues so i can fix them! Oh btw, you can also install them 😉

And finally

Have lot’s of fun


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9 Responses to “openSUSE-LXDE Live CDs”

  1. LLR

    You may have a lot of fun knowing that few people will ever pass the login sreen. WHY is a login for a live CD? Just to comply with the openSUSE priciple of making everthing as complicated as possible?! Then enjoy it! I don’t.

  2. BigBen

    @LLR Hey, relax! It can be frustrating, I know. Just relax and try the most obvious, easy choices.

    I _did_ have a lot of fun reading your comment – then downloading openSuSE LXDE and trying the obvious logins/passwords…..
    Took about 40 seconds to login as ‘linux’ – there is NO password,
    ditto ‘root’ – no password.

    OK, I’m a smartass!

    Thanks for the LXDE distro guys – it looks good, works well live on our ancient Compaq laptop (Celeron 1.6) and the RAM usage is
    pretty good – 150MB after boot (ignoring buffers and cache). Handy when we only have 768MB shared with the gruesome graphics.

    Wish I could get the hang of using YAST properly.
    Clearly sophisticated and powerful, but we always end up arguing with one another.

    Best regards, Ben

  3. goek

    Unfortunately it does not detect my IntelPro Wireless 2100 adapter 🙁
    In comparison to other distros with LXDE I got to say it uses a bit more RAM but has latest pcmanfm and trashbin!
    I would swith from Mint Fluxbox if I had wireless support.

  4. @LLR

    Not have autologin is a choice due to a bug fixed on 11.3 and just backported to 11.2 (not yet published on repo), as soon it will be fixed we’ll have autologin enabled, don’t worry.

    just for reference, here is the bug: https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=581477

    the username and passwords are wrote on the page i linked for the download, so if you read, you’ll probably not complain. From here http://en.opensuse.org/Derivatives#Unofficial_updated_LXDE_live_CDs i can infact read:

    # Built on openSUSE 11.2 with latest LXDE.
    # Username root with NO password
    # Username linux with NO password


    the iso can be easly improved, just waiting for suggestions

    This is what i need to know, i can fix several things, for example, i didn’t realized i missed ipw firmware… that can be the reason, i’ll fix it.


  5. Joe Blow

    Downloading it now. But I think you are up against some great competition from PcLinuxOS’s LXDE beta … very polished. but I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the good work! (signed, an extremely satisfied OS 11.1- KDE 3.5.10 user, who abhors KDE4)

  6. damian

    nice work but already installed but I have a few problems:
    1 Dsl in networkmanager is not working in default, i had to download ppp,nscd,and rp-pppoe from another computer to make ir work(don’t really know which one did the trick)
    2 As said above autologin doesn’t work will it when updated in 11.2?
    3 resolution is not saved on logout, and i want a different one from default (fixed it installing sax and making an xorg.conf)
    4 keyboard layout is not easily changeable(had to change it from hal policy files)
    5 lxmusic is not working not even for the example file (I can’t get the error right now but if you need it i’ll get it later)
    I also have 1 suggestion I think chromium should be used instead of firefox, as it is much lighter

  7. damian

    Is there any possibility of providing a changelog with each release (26.1,26.5)