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Archive for April 16th, 2010

Weekly Kernel Review with openSUSE Flavor: 15th Week

April 16th, 2010 by

Guest Blog from:  Rares Aioanei <suse.listen@gmail.com>

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the kernel news – OpenSUSE style! The news are as follows :
-Ryusuke Konishi pushed some trivial fixes to the NILFS2 tree (mostly fixing of typos)
-Masami Hiramatsu posted a patch regarding perf-probe. In his own words, “This series improves data structure accessing.
In this version, I added ‘removing x*()’patches.”
-Chris Mason posted some improvements in the btrfs-unstable tree, among others fixing an oops and other impovements.
-Linus Torvalds announced the release of the 2.6.34-rc4 kernel : “It’s been two weeks rather than the usual one, because we’ve been hunting
a really annoying VM regression that not a lot of people seem to have
seen, but I didn’t want to release an -rc4 with it. So we had the choice
of either reverting all the anon-vma scalability improvements, or finding
out exactly what caused the regression and fixing it.”
This rc also contains various bugfixes and changes regarding drivers – a new network driver (cxbg4) and updates to radeon and nouveau.
Kerneltrap : http://kerneltrap.org/Linux/2.6.34-rc4_Hunting_A_Really_Annoying_VM_Regression
H-Online : http://www.h-online.com/open/features/Kernel-Log-Coming-in-2-6-34-Part-1-Network-Support-975937.html
and lwn.net : http://lwn.net/Articles/383199/rss
-Also, Luis R. Rodriguez announced an updated wireless tree in regard of the release of 2.6.34-rc4 (backported).
See it here : http://www.orbit-lab.org/kernel/compat-wireless-2.6-stable/v2.6.34/compat-wireless-2.6.34-rc4.tar.bz2
-David Miller posted various fixes in the networking- and sparc trees.
-Michal Simek wrote to celebrate one year of Linux on the Microblaze (Tuesday, the 13th of April 2010)
-And some news from the opensuse-kernel team :
Jiri Kosina noticed that commit 5246824c7ea3313c8e4f42f9b19d9e6f0b51861a introduced CONFIG_DEBUG_BLOCK_EXT_DEVT as set on master kernels
(non-{debug,trace} kernels). The problem has been solved and now this option is disabled on master kernels.
This has a related fix upstream introduced by Rafael J. Wysocki.
-Steven Rostedt announced the release of trace-cmd version 1.0
-Trond Myklebust announced fixes for the nfs tree.
-Jean Delvare posted fixes for the hwmon (hardware monitoring) tree for the upcoming 2.6.34 kernel
-Ingo Molnar posted fixes for the perf tree including build fixes on Debian and others.
-Douglas Gilbert announced sdparm 1.05 as of 15.04.
-Stephen Rothwell announced that Thursday’s linux-next (next-20100415) will be the last until the 27th of April, when he’ll return from his vacation.
-Dmitry Torokhov posted updates for the input tree for -rc4.
-Also Thomas Gleixner mailed some updates for x86-fixes.
-Fixes to the Firewire tree, along with documentation updates, were pushed by Stefan Richter.
-John W. Linville posted a pull request for the wireless tree intended for
2.6.34 .
-Also, patches of mmotm have been released against 2.6.34-rc4 .
-Guilt v0.33 is available as of 16.04.2010 .
-Patches for bkl/ioctl, sound (for -rc5), watchdog have been released .

That’s it for this week, see ya!

oSC09 videos

April 16th, 2010 by

Well it’s been almost seven months since our inaugural conference, and there were a load of videos taken. The problem was that our usual VT gurus have been unavailable to do any of the editing etc. So the raw video has languished on the servers waiting for some kind soul to help edit them.

After multiple calls for help and nudges from the marketing team, I decided to see if I could slot it in anywhere (yay me, I’m such a hero :-P) Thankfully I had some brilliant help from SankarP who refreshed my memory on how to edit video, thanks chief!

Currently only Day 1 of the conference is available, you can view online (flash) or download (ogg) the talks from the openSUSE TV channel on BlipTV. I am working on getting a channel on YouTube to enable a wider reach, as some people have bandwidth issues with Blip. You can also subscribe to the feeds in multiple formats – rss, miro, itunes.

If anyone has any openSUSE related video that they would like put on the channel, then please let me know 🙂