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osc 0.126

April 22nd, 2010 by


I just submitted the new osc 0.126 release to the openSUSE:Tools
project. The new packages should be available soon at

(user visible) Changes:

  • – added VM autosetup to osc. This requires appropriate OBS version and build script version.
  • – enhanced QEMU cross build support with ‘armv4l’ ‘armv5el’ ‘armv6el’ ‘armv7el’ ‘armv8el’ ‘mips’ ‘mips64’ ‘ppc’ ‘ppc64’ ‘sh4’ arch strings now supported on x86 host
  • – suggest git, svn, … if indicated, after oscerr.NoWorkingCopy
  • – “osc cat” & “osc ls” now auto-expands through link.
  • – fixed “osc add” after “osc delete”.
  • – fix “osc patchinfo” command (crashed before)
  • – fixed SSL proxy support
  • – fixed meta attribute create and set calls
  • – osc remotebuildlog supports a buildlogurl
  • – Allow –prefer-pkgs to parse repodata
  • – new “osc build –no-service” option to skip source service update
  • – fix linktobranch apiurl usage
  • – “maintained package” search is telling relevant projects now
  • * requires OBS 1.7.2 or 2.0
  • – added “osc chroot” command
  • – fixed #547005 (“osc co could show download progress”)
  • – added “–interactive” option to “osc request”
  • – store commit message so it doesn’t get lost on failure
  • – added “–cpio-bulk-download” and “–download-api-only” options to “osc build”
  • – added “osc localbuildlog” command
  • – added “–build-uid uid:gid|caller” option to “osc build” to specify abuild id in chroot
  • – verify files using rpm bindings and keys supplied by buildservice
  • – added “–exclude-target-project <prj>” option to “osc rq list”
  • – added “–message” option to “osc branch”
  • – added “osc config” command to set/get/delete a config option
  • – added “–binary” and “–baseproject” options to “osc search”
  • – added “-o/–offline” and “-l/–preload” options to osc build
  • – osc build -l standard i586 foo.spec (to cache all dependencies)
  • – osc build -o standard i586 foo.spec (to build without contacting the api)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to osc!

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