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Guest Blog: Rares Aioanei – Weekly Kernel Review

May 29th, 2010 by

Howdy y’all, and welcome to this weeks’s kernel news – OpenSUSE style!

-We begin our week by noticing a patch proposed by Larry Finger on opensuse-kernel@ that fixes a typo and a reference to websites for instructions; after a correction by Jiri Benc, the patch was committed to the master branch.

-On vger.kernel.org, the week(end) starts with a git pull request from Ryusuke Konishi working on the nilfs2 updates for 2.6.35, Steven Rostedt with perf, of course,  OpenSUSE’s Greg with TTY patches for .35 and the same Greg with a series of 38 patches for the driver-core tree also targetting 2.6.35.

-Other tree(s) updates include i2c for .35 by Jean Delvare, omap by Tony Lindgren, UDF tree updates for -rc1 by Jan Kara, also of OpenSUSE fame, block tree patches by Jens Axboe, staging by Greh Kroah Hartman and md updates by Neil Brown (where unspecified, the version the patches are referring to is 2.6.35).

-James Morris announces about the Linux Security Summit 2010, taking place in Boston at the beginning of August – the 9th.

-Jan Kara also presented fixes for filesystem-related trees, namely ext2, ext3 and quota, targetting -rc1; Al Viro posted fixes for the vfs tree, quite a bunch of them, Grant Likely posted OF code cleanups and Jesse Barnes posted PCI changes, and Pekka J. Enbeg has some minor SLAB fixes for -rc0.

-Sage Weil added an important number of bugfixes and code cleanups for the ceph tree targetting-rc1, Frederic Weisbecker added modifications to the bkl/ioctl branch, also for -rc1, and in filesystem-related changes we have Eric Van Hensbergen with fixes for 9p and Ogawa Hirofumi adding code for the fatfs tree; the perf tree received 3 updates from Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo and Boaz Harrosh updated the exofs tree.

-Speaking of updates and fixes, we also have Paul Mundt with sh and genesis fixes for -rc1, David Miller with IDE fixes described by himself as “nothing really interesting”, Thomas Gleixner with timer fixes for -rc1 and Ingo Molnar with updates to the lockup-detector tree.

-Again, updates and then more updates…:) We have Greg Ungerer with m68k fixes, described a follows : “Biggest change is the QSPI driver platform support. Also platform support for the SMC91x driver on some ColdFire platforms. A couple of bug fixes, and some cleanups as well.”, then Grant Likely with spi driver changes, fixes for GFS2 added by Steven Whitehouse, regulator fixes targeted at .35 by Liam Girdwood and others, such as the usual suspect Frederic Weisbecker (perf), Steven Rostedt (tracing), Ingo Molnar also with perf changes and Roland Dreier patching for the infiniband tree.

-As noted by some online magazines such as LWN ( http://lwn.net/Articles/389444/rss ) , there are some stable kernel updates; the first one is announced by OpenSUSE’s Greg Kroah-Hartman related to with 34 patches, with 25+24 patches and with 39 patches.

-Stefan Richter updated the firewire (IEEE 1394) tree for the post .34 kernels, another “usual suspect”,  John W. Linville, posted a pull request for wireless dated 25.05.2010, plus David Miller with updates for networking, Phillip Lougher – squashfs and Dave Airlie with DRM fixes.

-Takashi Iwai updated the sound tree for Linus for -rc1, while Jiri Kosina of OpenSUSE pushed updates for HID and Richard Purdie of IBM posted updates for his trees related to LED and backlight; also,  we have Theodore Ts’O updating ext4 with minor changes, including some quota fixes and other minor bugfixes. Trond Myklebust came ups with NFS bugfixes, so did Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo with the perf tree; Miklos
Szeredi added splice() support to the fuse tree and Michael S. Tsirkin posted some code cleanups for vhost-net.

-Jeffrey Merkey announced ndiswrapper 2.6.34 with various fixes; since the language of the announcement is not quite suitable for this news article, as it contains some strong words 🙂 , I recommend you check it out on vger.kernel.org .

-Krzysztof Hałasa posted some fixes post-.34 related to the arm architecture, Eric Paris has some cleanups and improvements for the notification tree, of course James Bottomley worked again on some patches for the SCSI tree and Dmitry Torokhov posted input updates for -rc0. In other fixes/updates/cleanups news, we have Martin Schwidefsky with updates for s390 server architecture, SFI from Len Brown, Chris Mason of Oracle with btrfs (for -rc*), Jean Delware for the hwmon tree and H. Peter Anvin with x86 fixes .

-Speaking of arm fixes, Daniel Walker has announced some simple fixes for MSM targeted towards -rc1 and Roland Dreier also has some simple patchset with some cleanups for infiniband; again, a list of some other fixes follows : Samuel Ortiz with a bunch of new drivers and MFD fixes, libata updates by Jeff Garzik et al., as announced :
” 1) Finish Tejun’s SFF<->BMDMA separation patchset, as mentioned in initial 2.6.35 push.  These had been submitted prior to merge window open, but had to wait to resolve some patch/merge conflicts.

2) Disable Asynchronous Notification (AN) by default.  Proper use is vague, and behavior of firmwares in the field do not match each other.

3) add ‘dump_id’ debugging output helper, to give us better bug reports.”, Richard Purdie posted simple LED fixes regarding some issues on PPC (-rc1), Thomas Gleixner has a few timer fixes for -rc1 and David Miller has , again, several fixes for the networking tree. Seems like this week is a week for small fixes and “few patches”.

-This is all for this week, have a beutiful weekend.

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