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AcetoneISO2 and LXDE

June 3rd, 2010 by

I am sure that most of you know and like acetoneiso2, a nice tool to menage isos and lots of other things. Latest release, 2.2.1 support only kde, gnome and xfce as DE and allow to open their file managers to browse files and mounted stuffs…

So, you know, FLOSS is our world.. i took the code, and improved it, just a trivial change, but really nice. I added LXDE/PcmanFM support, as you can see from the picture:

Now you can have acetoneiso2 run pcmanfm too.

The patched package is already into Packman repository and a submit-request (#41069) has been submitted to KDE:KDE4:Community repository, so hopefully, it would be available even there quite soon.

So people.. enjoy it 😀


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2 Responses to “AcetoneISO2 and LXDE”

  1. Another route would be to add LXDE support to the xdg-utils suite of tools that are used cross-desktop to open files using the DE-native file manager and tools.