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Qt Developer Days 2010

June 4th, 2010 by

Today I got a email about registration for “Qt Developer Days 2010”. This conference will be in Munich (October 11-13) and in San Francisco (November 1-3). I think this is the biggest and best Qt-event. Last time there was more than 700 people. It’s very interesting for me as the KDE developer, but it’s not free like FOSDEM or openSUSE Conference 🙁

For example, 3 days in Munich cost 499€ (if you pay befor 15th september and 699€ if you pay after). Ok, I know that Qt/Nokia makes very good coffee, but anyway this event is very costly for students like me 😉

I will wait for the openSUSE Conference and meet the Qt/KDE hackers there.

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2 Responses to “Qt Developer Days 2010”

  1. jospoortvliet

    Hmmm, there is quite a difference between the qt developer days and FOSDEM, Akademy or an openSUSE conference. It’s much more focussed on corporate employees with much in depth talks about developing with Qt. Not that it wouldn’t be useful for a student but it is not community focussed like foss events – having fun, hearing about interesting new technology & discussing things over beer. It’s more like following a three day course about Qt. Which is why companies pay to let their employees go there…

  2. Sure, I know… but anyway it can be not so costly.