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Some LinuxTag 2010 impressions

June 13th, 2010 by

LinuxTag 2010 has ended, openSUSE had a booth in the community area and we had a number talks. We also released OBS 2.0 on LinuxTag. You know this of course already, but here are some impressions.

openSUSE booth was very well visited. Various workshops and activities created several times actually a big swarm around it. Many people were interessted about OBS in special and I hope we won some more OBS users and developers.

Hennes and mine talk about “how to escape the free software hell” was provocant enough to get quite some people into our room directly after the keynote. I hope we were able to show off the coolness of OBS there.

Read the comments in the picture gallery for some background information.

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2 Responses to “Some LinuxTag 2010 impressions”

  1. Thanks for photos!

  2. Michael

    Do not drive and photograph !!!!!!
    No matter how beautiful the landscape is, life can not be restored from backup you geek !!!!!!!!!!!!!