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Guest Blog: Rares Aioanei – Weekly Kernel Review (openSUSE Flavor)

June 18th, 2010 by

Hello, and welcome! Looks like just after I finished my article, 2.6.35-rc3 was announced, so I will have to make the announcement in this week’s edition. Let’s begin.

-LWN.net’s Jonathan Corbet posted an article titled “Kernel Prepatch 2.6.35-rc3” , marking the announcement of the 3rd release candidate. Link is here : http://lwn.net/Articles/391864/rss .

-Michal Marek posted kbuild fixes, while Dominik Brodowski posted also some small fixes for PCMCIA (-rc3), David Miller has his usual dose of fixes for networking, Rafael J. Wysocki posted a resume fix for x86 (the pm tree) and Len Brown posted ACPI patches for -rc3.

-Jeffrey Merkey annonced the 11.06.2010 release of the Open Cworthy Linux libraries with the following changelog : “FIXES

Corrected pthread concurrency issues with ncurses and ncursesw.  These libraries are not pthread safe on linux 2.6.33 and later kernels and require mutexes for access to any of the screen refresh() calls or they will corrupt the video display removed vitriolic messages from the code and comments this version supports multiple update panels with pthread safe calls to ncurses libraries.  Supports VT100, VT220, XTerm, and Linux terminals.  Dumb terminal and ANSI still have some issues but these problems are ncurses related.  Sample IFCON program included.

This version was tested on a 4 processor Opteron HP Proliant Server.”

-Here comes, ladies and gentlemen, the offcial announcement of 2.6.35-rc3, made, of course,  by Linus Torvalds : “So I’ve been hardnosed now for a week – perhaps overly so – and hopefully that means that 2.6.35-rc3 will be better than -rc2 was. Not only do we have a number of regressions handled, we don’t have that silly memory corruptor that bit so many people with -rc2 and confused people with its many varied forms of bugs it seemed to take, depending on just what random memory it happened to corrupt.

One effect of being strict is that this is likely the smallest -rc3 we’ve had in a long long time. The diffstat summary line for the week
looks like this:

165 files changed, 1624 insertions(+), 859 deletions(-)
from 159 commits, and even then the biggest single change was due to moving some functions around in iwl-agn.c, rather than a lot of actual changed lines.

So give it a good testing.


-Benjamin Herrenschmidt posted a small group of powerpc fixes for 2.6.35, Takashi Iwai has sound fixes for 2.6.35-rc4, Chris Mason has also some btrfs fixes,  Tomi Valkeinen has two fixes for the OMAP framebuffer driver, Paul E. McKenney  posted some RCU-lockdep splat fixes, and John W. Linville announced a series of fixes for the wireless tree : “Here is another passel of of fixes intended for 2.6.35. Included are some build warning fixes, a PCI identifier, a fix for premature IRQs during hostap initialization, a fix for a warning caused by failing to cancel a scan watchdog in iwlwifi, a fix for a null pointer dereference in iwlwifi, and a fix for a race condition in the same driver.  Also included is the MAINTAINERS change for the orphaning of the older Intel wireless drivers.  All but the last few warning fixes have spent some time in linux-next already.”

And…that’s it for this week! Have a sunny and enjoyable weekend!

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