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Let’s beat the drum for openSUSE conference 2010

June 23rd, 2010 by

Robert and myself visited most open source projects attending LinuxTag 2 weeks ago and invited them to come to the openSUSE Conference – be it as visitor, giving a presentation or doing a workshop. Feedback was all over the place positive. But feedback isn’t enough – we’ll do some follow up to make some of them participate and all of us should now promote the openSUSE Conference where possible.

Let’s spread the word about the openSUSE Conference and its motto “Collaboration across borders”, invite developers of other communities and other projects to join as a visitor or to give a presentation on a topic which affects all of us or lets do a workshop, hack session or just having fun. Call for papers is open till July 31 – so now is the time to shape the conference. Send in our proposal or idea to cfp@opensuse.org.

Robert and gnokii created some artwork for the openSUSE conference which is perfect to add it on web pages or to print out the posters to do some promotion in your area.

openSUSE Conference in short:

  • October 20-23 in Nürnberg, Germany
  • Free entrance
  • 4 days conference with 4 tracks plus hack sessions and workshops
  • Topics:
    • Technology and Upstream Development
    • Education and Science
    • Business
    • User and Home
  • Everything is possible – just send an email to cfp@opensuse.org

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