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Buildservice development on 11.3

June 26th, 2010 by

The build service (and any other of openSUSE infrastructure software using RoR) is using rails 2.3.5, because we once decided to harmonize on the version of SLE11 SP1. Of course the latest version has less bugs (usually), but mixing RoR versions between different developers and deployment is a nightmare, so we had to decide on one.

Now comes the catch: 11.3 has rails 2.3.8 and as such you can’t develop the build service on factory/11.3 as is. But the good news, openSUSE:Tools has all the right versions, so you can add the repo (zypper ar -r http://r.opensu.se/openSUSE:Tools/f/r) and then install zypper in -f rubygem-rack-1.0.1 rubygem-activesupport-2_3-2.3.5

To make sure, the next zypper dup is not going to take it away, use zypper al rubygem-rack rubygem-activesupport-2_3

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One Response to “Buildservice development on 11.3”

  1. Adrian Schröter

    You need also to avoid rubygem-exception_notification in version 2.0 or bigger. Install the compatible version 1.0.20090728 from openSUSE:Tools as well.