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openSUSE present in the Especial Edition of CIBESS

July 19th, 2010 by

Happily, I was invited the last Weekend to give a conference about Security and Hacking at the International Congress of Informatics and E-Business (Congreso Internacional de InformĂĄtica y E-Business) at the paradisaical Island of Margarita, Venezuela at the Caribbean Sea .

Of course, I don’t loose any time to Spread the openSUSE word, so I talk a lot about Linux, Why to use Linux in security matters, Why Windows is a Joke, and how openSUSE its a great choice for newbies and advanced users. There was 3 conferences for 600 people, in groups of 200. I gave DVD’s, CD’s and Stuff to everybody who ask, or want one… After my chat, everybody ask a lot about our beloved Geeko… 😀

I hang some pictures in Flickr about the event. Next stop, make my Launch Party, that I couldn’t the last Weekend because this event. Cheers!

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