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Somethings to do after an openSUSE Installation (Part 2)

August 9th, 2010 by

So, continuing with my last post about things to do after an openSUSE installation, now its the time for “Adding Games”, but first, some clarifications about two things:

One: You can add Codecs and other stuff with a 1-click-package, avoiding to use Zypper, I just expose the zypper method because I think its a bit more short :-P, but that its just matter of taste. So, if you are running openSUSE 11.3 with KDE use this ymp, and if you are using GNOME use this other. If you are on a older version of openSUSE, just go to this page and select your version.

Two: The broadcom-wl package its on Packman, so you have to add that repo (Via YaST -> Repositories), before you can install that package.

After this, now we can keep going.

Adding Games

So, the question: “¿Why a lot of games that are popular in the FOSS community aren’t by default in openSUSE?” For example, OpenArena, Battle for Wesnoth, aTanks, BlobWars, Crack Attack, LBreakout2, Torcs, SuperTux,… Well, because those games are on its own repo called “Games”.

To enable this repo just go to: “YaST -> Software Repositories”, then will show you the repos management window, you push “Add”, and then select “Specifying URL”, then in the name “Games”, and the URL “http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/games/openSUSE_11.3/“, “Next”, if he ask you something you say yes (import gpg signature and stuff), then you get back to the main window and then you hit “Accept”.

In the URL, change the number of the version if needed, and done… You have now a LOT of games available via YaST 😀

Next to come: Adding 3D Acceleration.

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3 Responses to “Somethings to do after an openSUSE Installation (Part 2)”

  1. Ludwig Nussel

    What prevents those games from being maintained in Factory anyways?

  2. Well, I think that the Games Repo its like a Factory Repo for Games… All the versions there are updated, so i guess that’s why.

  3. NikiSS


    It was my proposal, you can help to improve it and perhaps will one day be incorporated as a formal application in openSUSE