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oSC10 – Conference Update

August 12th, 2010 by

So Stage 1 of the next openSUSE Conference is complete (submission deadline), and we are moving forward with Stage 2 (scheduling talks). I personally wasn’t privvy to last year’s submissions, but we have well over 80 submissions covering a huge range of topics this year which is brilliant.

One of the nice things this year is we have submissions from other distributions and projects, which is great 🙂 The submissions from all parties cover a wide variety of topics from very technical to very fun, and it isn’t going to be easy to select which ones to accept.

Thank you to all who submitted a proposal and we will let you know on 20th August whether you are succesful or not.

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One Response to “oSC10 – Conference Update”

  1. Anubisg1

    I am just incredibly sorry because i will not able to be there and for that reason i didn’t apply for and LXDE Talk